How To Recover Data From Lost Samsung Phone

How To Recover Data From Lost Samsung Phone

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Losing a smartphone is really very painful, especially when you have stored lots of data in it. Though, you can buy a new mobile but what about the files that you saved on your lost phone?

You don’t need to panic as you still have some solutions that you can use to recover data from a lost Samsung phone. So, just keep reading this guide.

We will first look at a real user practical scenario so that you will know that you are not the one who wants to get back files from a lost phone.

Practical Scenario: A User Lost His/Her Samsung Galaxy Phone And Wanted To Restore Backed Up Data Of That Lost Phone

How to recover data from stolen samsung

I used to have a Samsung galaxy and it was stolen I had things backed up to a Samsung acct but I donthave a Samsung anymore how do I access my acct that I had with Samsung? I want to recover my stuff from that phone.

Help please

Thank you in advance

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This is just one scenario. Like this, there are many users out there facing such a situation.

Now, you may have a question – Can you retrieve data from a lost mobile or is it possible to get back data from a stolen/lost device?

The answer to this question is YES, but it is only possible if you have created a backup of your data previously to Samsung cloud backup or local backup.

Most Galaxy users configure their Samsung or Google accounts to automatically backup their data and save those data on the Cloud.

So, if you have turned on the cloud backup before your Galaxy phone got lost/stolen then you can restore the files easily.

But if you don’t have created any cloud backup or copied the files to local storage then it is not possible to retrieve data from a lost/stolen Samsung mobile.

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Which Type Of Files Can You Retrieve From A Lost Samsung Phone?

You can only restore files from your lost Samsung Galaxy device that is included in the backup. For example, you won’t be able to rescue data such as call history until they are available in one of the cloud backups.

Finally, here we have mentioned different solutions to get back files from a lost phone. So, let’s look at them one by one.

1. Restore Photos And Videos From Lost Samsung Phone Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage app where you can back up your photos and videos.

So, if you have synced the Google Photos on your Galaxy phone before it got lost then you can easily get back pictures and videos.

Here, learn how to retrieve photos and videos from a lost Samsung mobile using Google Photos app:

Step 1: Run Google Photos website on your computer.

Step 2: After this sign in to it with the same Google account details that you used on your lost phone.

Step 3: When you have successfully signed in, you will find all the videos and images there.

Step 4: Now, you need just choose the relevant photos and videos and hit on “Menu” button in the top right corner.

Step 5: Finally, click “Download All” to save them on your computer.

2. Recover Pictures, Videos, And Documents From Lost Samsung Phone Via Google Drive Backup

Previously, when you had your device, if you have created a backup of your device data to Google Drive at that time, then you can easily recover those backed-up data. For this, you should remember the Google account details that you have been using on that lost Galaxy phone.

Below, follow the steps to restore images, documents, and videos of lost Samsung mobile using Google Drive backup.

Step 1: Go to the Google Drive website in any web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Now, you need to log in to it using your same Google account details.

Step 3: Once, you successfully logged in to it, you will find all the uploaded photos, videos, and documents there.

If the files have been deleted from your Google Drive app previously and then you have lost your handset then you need to recover those data from Google Drive’s Trash.

For this, you need to login to Google Drive website then sign in to it using the same account details and then click on Trash. Select the data that you wish to restore and click on Restore.

Note: All the data that gets deleted from Google Drive move to the trash and stay there for 30 days.

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3. Get Back Files From Lost Samsung Phone Using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile” is an official service provided by Samsung that can be used to find lost/stolen phone or tablet, even you can erase the data from the device remotely.

This service can be used to track the device’s GPS coordinates and know its current location. Though this service is not as functional as Apple’s “Find My Phone” and there is very less chance to find the location of the lost or stolen mobile.

You can also use the “Find My Mobile” service to remotely back up files from your Galaxy phone and save them to the cloud. When the data gets backed up, you can sign in to your Samsung cloud account and restore the data on other devices.

But it is only possible if your lost device is connected to an internet connection and “Find My Mobile” is enabled.

Below, learn the steps to use “Find My Mobile” service to get back data from the device.

Step 1: Go to “Find My Mobile” in any web browser on your computer.

Step 2: After this, login to it using your same Samsung account details.

Step 3: Next, hit on “Backup” from the right menubar.

Recover Data from a Lost Samsung Phone Using Find My Mobile

Step 4: Now, you need to authenticate yourself. After this, select the data that you wish to back up to the cloud. Then hit “Backup” and wait until the process gets completed.

After this, again sign in to your Samsung cloud account on your other phone and restore the data from the backup.

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4. Recover Data From Lost Samsung Phone Through Computer

Previously (before your phone was lost), if you have transferred the files from your Samsung mobile to your computer then you can easily restore the backed-up data to another mobile. Or you can view the data on your computer.

If you wish to restore the backed-up data from your computer to another mobile, then you need to simply connect the mobile to your computer via USB cable.

Then open that folder on your computer on which you have kept the backup of Galaxy data and then copy the relevant file or whole folder and paste it to another phone (internal or external storage).

5. Retrieve Lost Data From Samsung Galaxy Phone

It may have very less possibility that you find your lost device. But, there is a high possibility that the person who has stolen your mobile might have factory reset your smartphone and all the files get deleted.

So, if you have found your phone and looking to restore data, then in this you can try third-party Android Data Recovery tool to recover deleted/missing files from your Samsung phone.

Samsung Data Recovery tool allows you to recover various types of data like contacts, call history, documents, pictures, videos, audio, text messages, and more.

Android Data Recovery software supports all Android versions and all brands of Android phones and tablets. So, you don’t need to worry if you have an old model or the latest Galaxy smartphone, you can easily undelete all the disappeared/erased data from any model of Samsung mobile/tablet.

Now, follow the below steps to retrieve deleted/lost files from Samsung phone using Android Data Recovery tool.

Step 1: On your computer download and install Android Data Recovery tool and then run it. Click on “Data Recovery” to continue.

Step 2: Now, with the help of USB cable connect your Samsung phone to your computer and turn on USB debugging on your device.

Step 3: When both device successfully gets connected, you will find a list of contents that the Data Recovery tool can retrieve. All the file types will be checked by default, you can uncheck the box next to the file type that you do not wish to restore.

Step 4: After this, click on “Next” and wait until the program recognize your mobile.

Step 5: Now, the program will start scanning your phone for the deleted data. This will take a few minutes.

Step 6: When it is completed, choose the data that you wish to rescue and click “Recover to computer” to save the selected data to your computer.

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Bonus Tip: Backup Your Samsung Phone Data, So When Lost You Can Restore Files

Nobody knows when their phone gets lost/stolen or anything happens due to which they need to lose their data. That is why you should always backup your device data.

To back up your Galaxy data you can use Samsung cloud/account, various cloud apps, computer, etc.

Besides this, you can also use third party Android Data Backup & Restore tool which can also be called as Samsung Data Backup & Restore to back up your Galaxy device data to your computer.

So that, in future, if your phone gets lost or broken or dead then you can easily restore the backed up data to another mobile.

Wrap Up

I know it is really an unpleasant feeling when you lost your smartphone as it contains several important data. Finding a lost phone is very difficult and it might not possible, but best part is that you still have a chance to recover data from it.

I hope the solutions that I have shared in this guide will help you to recover data from lost Samsung phone. But they will only work if you have created a backup of mobile data to somewhere before it was lost.

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