How To Recover Deleted Photos From Moto G Internal Memory

Restore Deleted Pictures From Internal Memory On Moto G Phone

Retrieve Deleted, Missing or Disappeared Pictures From Moto G Internal Storage!

Overview: Have you accidentally deleted or lost photos from internal memory on your Moto G phone? Are you looking to recover them? If “Yes”, then you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, you will learn to recover deleted photos from Moto G internal memory.

Expert Tip: One of the quick and easiest ways to recover photos from Moto G internal storage, is to try Android Data Recovery which is perfect and efficient Moto G Photo Recovery software.

With the use of Android Data Recovery software, one can:

  • Effectively recover erased, lost, disappeared, missing or deleted photos from internal storage of Moto G phone.
  • Extract images deleted or become inaccessible due to factory reset, accidental deletion, water damage, forgotten password, system crash, device damaged, etc.
  • Preview recoverable pictures within the preview interface of the software.
  • 100% safe, secure and easy to use.

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Though Motorola G phone has passed its golden era, it still has several users. Thanks to their intuitive features and easy interface.

However, just like other Android phone, many Moto G users encounter with photo loss issues.

The images can be lost or deleted due to several factors such as:

  • Mistakenly deletion.
  • Factory reset.
  • Water damaged.
  • Screen damaged/cracked.
  • Device broken or damaged.
  • Forgotten screen lock password/PIN/pattern or fingerprint lock.
  • System malfunction.
  • Virus infection.
  • ROM flashing.
  • And so on…

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How To Recover Deleted Photos From Moto G Internal Memory

Now, the question is – How can I recover photos deleted from internal storage on Moto G phone?

Well, the solutions are mentioned below! Just go through them.

Solution 1: Restore Photos From Moto G Using Phone Local Backup

These days, almost all users want to keep their important photos and hence they use to regularly keep back up of them. They either create a backup of the files in local backup or cloud backup. So, that later they can use that backup file to restore data when any data loss occurs.

Hence, if you have also created a backup of your Moto G device using the local backup, then follow the below steps to restore photos:

Step 1: On your phone, go to Settings > Additional Settings.

Restore Photos From Moto G Using Phone Local Backup

Step 2: Tap on Backup and reset.

Restore Deleted Moto G Images Using Phone Local Backup


Step 3: Tap on Back up & restore.

Restore Deleted Photos From Moto G Internal Memory Via Phone Local Backup

Step 4: Now, select the backup files (check date & time) which have your pictures and then tap on Restore. This will start the restoration process.

Once, the restoration process gets complete. The restored photos will get saved in their desired location.

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Solution 2: Check Your Moto G Deleted Photos In Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud backup and most of the users upload and create backups of their important data such as photos, videos, documents and other files.

So, if you have also uploaded or automatically synced your device to backup data, then check your Google Drive.

Here follow the steps:

Step 1: On your phone, open Google Drive app or visit:

Step 2: Log in to your Google account. Use the same credential that you have used for backing up stuff.

Step 3: Once logged in, go to “My Drive”, here you see all your uploaded or backed up files, including your device images.

Check Your Moto G Deleted Photos In Google Drive

Step 4: Simply, select the photos that you want to restore and then tap on “Restore/Download” option.

Restore Moto G Deleted Photos From Google Drive Backup

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Solution 3: Recover Deleted Photos From Moto G Internal Memory Without Backup

If you do not have any kind of backup, then in such conditions, I would highly recommend you to immediately try Android Data Recovery as it is suitable and perfect Moto G Photo Recovery software that will help you recover deleted or erased photos from Moto G internal memory/storage.

It is an excellent tool that is designed to extract deleted, disappeared, lost or even inaccessible pictures from internal storage as well external SD card of Moto G phone. This is a professional and expert recommendation tool that efficiently works to rescue deleted files.

Besides photos, the software is capable enough to recover other file types such as – videos, audio, text messages, contacts, WhatsApp chats & attachments, call history, documents and more from Motorola phones.

Overall, it is a unique tool that is compatible to with all Android phones and 100% safe to use.

So, what are you waiting for, simply download Moto G Photo Recovery Tool and use its user guide to restore deleted images.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1: Can I recover permanently deleted photos from Moto G internal storage?

Yes, you can recover permanently deleted photos from Moto G internal storage. They are as follows:

  • Try Android Data Recovery software, if you do not have backup.
  • Restore photos from Google Drive backup.
  • Get back pictures from Google Photos app.
  • Or use phone local backup to restore images.

Question 2: How do I access my internal storage on my Moto G?

  • From phone Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
  • Go to Settings > Storage.
  • From Storage, you can view the used space. For example, see the below image.

Moto G - Check Internal Storage

Wrap Up

Knowing how to recover deleted photos from Moto G internal memory is important knowledge, particularly if you own one.

You can use phone local backup, Google Drive, Google Photos, but there is advanced software that allows you to retrieve files with ease such as Android Data Recovery. This tool will help you restore pictures within minutes safely and securely.

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