How To Reprogram and Reformat or Reset Android Phone

Reprogram and Reset Android Phone

Learn To Reprogram An Android Phone and Also Learn To Reformat/Reset An Android Phone In Easy Method!

Overview: Whether you want to reprogram an Android phone or you want to reformat/reset your Android phone with or without using PC/laptop, this guide is for you. This guide is divided into two parts – first part offer how to reprogram Android phone and second part provide solutions to reformat/reset Android phone.

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Let’s us begin with real user’s practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Want To Reprogram Android Phone Using PC/Laptop

How do I reprogram an Android phone using a laptop or pc?

Please kindly give me some information or details on how to reprogram an android phone. Please give me a website or software that can help me to reprogram my android phone.

Source: Android Central Forums

Practical Scenario 2: A User Want To Factory/Hard Reset Android Using PC

How to hard/factory reset android from PC?

Hey guys. I have a galaxy note 2 which i bought in late 2013 and a year and a half later in early 2015 the screen stopped working completely. Im talking about the internal screen. It doesn’t display anything at all and the touch screen doesn’t work obviously. However the home button, power button and volume buttons work. The cost to fix it was too much so i bought a note 4 instead. The touch keys next to the home buttons flash as well when i press the power/home button. I have plugged my phone to my PC and copied my music and photos. I just want to know if there’s a way to hard/factory reset my phone using a PC via a USB cable cause i can’t do it from the phone as the display doesn’t show anything at all. Please help

Source: Android Central Forums

So, after going through both the practical scenarios:

  • Practical Scenario 1: User Want To Reprogram Android Phone Using PC/Laptop
  • Practical Scenario 2: User Want To Factory/Hard Reset Android Using PC

I hope you have got a clear thought that what user wants to do.

So, now it’s time to provide the solutions to for both the problems.

In this guide, I have first provided the solutions for how to reprogram Android phone and then how to format/reset Android device.

So, here are the solutions!

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Part 1: How To Reprogram Android Phone

The question here arises that – Reprogram it in what way?

You may think of, reprogramming Android phone depending upon the carrier whether you have GSM or CDMA Android phone.

Or you may also think, reprogramming Android to its original state that is also known as restoring the device back to its factory reset settings.

It doesn’t matter in whatever way you want to reprogram your Android, I present both the solutions for you.

Let me first start with programming Android phone in regard of carrier.

The process of programming Android in regard of carrier account totally depends upon on whether you have CDMA or GSM Android phone. The network technology that depends on the cellular carrier. In United States, if phones come from T-Mobile or AT&T, then it’s GSM and if phones come from another carrier, it’s CDMA.

GSM Phone uses SIM card in which contacts and device network information is stored. You can simply swap the SIM cards in order to program phone.

Whereas, CDMA Android phones store programming information in the phone’s internal memory. Here you have to dial special programming number in order to program phone.

Below follow the steps to reprogram GSM and CDMA Android phones.

Steps To Reprogram GSM Android Phone

  • Switch OFF your Android phone by pressing the “Power” button and select “Power Off” option from the Menu.
  • Remove the battery cover and battery. If your phone battery is attached then consult your respective customer service centre.
  • Remove the old SIM card and insert the SIM card with new number.
  • Switch ON your phone. When your phone gets turned on, then it will read the new phone number from the SIM card.

That’s It!

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Steps To Reprogram CDMA Android Phone

  • Open the dialer on your Android and dial “*228”.
  • Listen to the voice prompts what your cellular carrier is saying to you.
  • Select the option to program your phone.
  • The system will play music for a minute and then it will inform whether the programming was successful or not. Don’t hang up the call, unless you hear the confirmation message.

That’s It!

Alright, so next part of the solution is coming that is – how to format/reset Android using PC or without PC.

Part 2: How To Format/Reset Android Phone With or Without PC

I hope that you may all know what resetting or formatting Android means? However, let me tell you that resetting or formatting Android means that it erases all data from the device and bring it back to its default settings as it was when you have purchased the phone.

So let’s tell me how to reset or reformat Android using PC and without using PC.

How To Reset Android Without PC

  • On your phone go to Settings.
  • Tap System> Advanced> Reset options. (If you can’t see Advanced, simply tap on Reset options).
  • Tap “Erase All Data” (factory reset)> “Reset phone” or “Reset tablet”. If asked then enter your password, pattern or PIN.
  • In order to erase all data from phone’s internal storage, then tap “Erase everything”.

Isn’t that so simple!

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How To Reset or Format Android With PC

You can reset your Android device by following the above steps. However, if you are unable to access this option or if you want to format lots of phone using PC, then it is the best solution to do so by using the command from your computer.

You should know that Google offer the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command-line utility for accessing your device and executing command without touching your phone.

Resetting Android phone via ADB command is for advanced users and therefore it is not available on the Android Developer site. But Google published these commands in the source code comment of the recovery image.

Alright, so now let see how to reset or reformat Android via ADB command using computer.

Steps To Reset Android Via ADB Command Using PC/Laptop

  • First of all download the Android System Development Kit from here – Android Developers: Get the Android SDK
  • Once downloaded, right-click on it (zip file) and select “Extract All”. Next click “Browse” and select your “C:\Program Files” directory.
  • Click on the folder that you have extracted and rename it. You can rename it with descriptive name for example say “AndroidADB”.
  • After that, right-click “Computer” within your file browser and select “Properties”.
  • Click on “Advanced System Settings” and click “Environment Variables” in the System Properties window.
  • In the System Variables window, click “Path” and “Edit”. Once the Edit System Variable window opens, your path variable is selected, hence press “End” in order to move the cursor to the end of the selection. Note: If you type while the path is selected, your path variables will get erased.
  • Now type “C:\Program Files\AndroidADB\sdk\platform-tools\” (no quotes) and make sure that you type semicolon (;) at that start of the path. Finally click “OK” to save your changes.
  • Click “Search” located at the upper-right corner of the screen. Type “cmd” in the search box and click on the program icon displayed in the search results to open Command Prompt
  • Now Switch On your Android phone and connect it to your computer via USB cable.
  • In the command prompt window, type “adb shell” and hit “Enter”.
  • Once ADB connects your device, type “–wipe_data” and hit “Enter”.
  • Your Android phone restarts in recovery mode and restore your device to factory settings.

Note: These steps may not work with modified recovery images such as ROM Manager.

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Alternative Method: Completely Wipe All Data And Reset/Reprogram Android With Ease

If above methods looks difficult for you, then in such condition it is highly recommended that you must use Android Data Eraser software. It will allow you to completely wipe and factory reset or reprogram Android in just few simple steps. It is safe and easy to use.

The best part about this Android Data Eraser software is that it supports all models of Android phone and tablet that is available in market such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Google Pixel, Huawei, Oppo, Moto, Lenovo, Vivo, Panasonic, Sony, HTC, Meizu, ZTE, etc.

Here follow the steps to factory reset/reprogram Android using Android Data Eraser software.

Note: Once the Android device completely erased and reset/reprogrammed by using Android Data Software, the deleted data cannot be recovered by many means not even by Android Data Recovery software.  

Wrap Up

So, in this guide you have learned the tips to reprogram Android phone as well as two methods to reset or reformat Android with or without PC.

However, if you want to erase and reset/reprogram Android phone completely with ease, then it is recommended that you must try Android Data Eraser software.

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