Fixed: Can’t Add Card To Samsung Pay On Samsung Phone

Solved Can't Add Card To Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay allows its users to add their cards (debit or credit card) and do payments from their Samsung phones or tablets. But, many users also have some major problems with Samsung Pay as it doesn’t allow users to add their cards. It becomes the most annoying problem that can ruin your shopping plans or make business expense payments in times of emergency.

Commonly, it might be due to the software is not updated to the latest version or due to your maximum card limit has been reached. It’s none other than a glitch/bug in the software or the setting of the application might not be set properly.  Anyway, to solve the problem with Samsung Pay, follow the mentioned solutions given below in this guide.

But before that, please check out the proper way to add a card to Samsung Pay – Add credit or debit cards to Samsung Pay

How To Fix Samsung Pay Not Allowing To Add Card On Samsung Phone?

Video Tutorial: Fix Can’t Add Card To Samsung Pay On Samsung Phone

Solution 1 – Make Sure The App Is Compatible In Your Region/Country

There are up to 15 countries that are compatible with Samsung Pay some of the countries are Canada, Australia, US, UK, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, and Italy. So, if you are out of those regions/country then it might be the cause of your credit or debit card not adding on Samsung pay.

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Solution 2 – Check Samsung Pay Status

Another chance with Samsung Pay; server is not working properly. In such situation, there is no solution to solve it. Just wait until it is not solved by itself by Samsung.

Solution 3 – Check Internet Connection

Normally, your phone is connected with wi-fi and has internet access, but in the rainy or stormy weather and service-related problems can also be the reason for having a poor connection. And with the mobile network connection is having the same problem, so in this kind of situation simply turn off/on your internet, which fixes the issue most of the time. But, if the internet connection is not the issue, then move to the next solution.

Solution 4 – Check The Software Update

Watching at all the possibilities, software bugs/glitches might stop you from entering your card to Samsung Pay. Even so, the software glitch/bug in the app or device can cause the issue, hence they regularly launch and release a software update. So, to solve the issue you should check the software update and if an update is available then update to the latest version.

Update Samsung Phone

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Solution 5 – Disable VPN

Many of us use the VPN to have access to the unavailable data in the country/region but unfortunately, doing this can make Samsung Pay to not work properly or else not being able to add card to Samsung Pay. If you currently using VPN on your device. We recommended turning it off, then look, it works or not.

Solution 6 – Remove Unnecessary Cards

Samsung Pay only permits to add 10 cards. So, if you have already added 10 cards, and because of whatever reasons you do not have any information about limitations. Hence, if you are entering more than 10 cards it can be the cause for not being able to add cards, make sure you Delete unnecessary cards from Samsung Pay. After removing the unnecessary cards, try to put in the card information and look it works or not.

These are the methods to do so.

Delete Card On Phone

  • Go to Samsung Pay > Tap Three Horizontal Lines > Cards.
  • Select the card you want to delete. Then click on the Three Vertical Dots next to it.
  • Tap Delete Card option and choose the major cause to delete the card from Samsung Pay.
  • Last of all, select Delete and then enter the PIN or Password if asked.

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Solution 7 – Reboot Samsung Phone

If the above-given solutions don’t work then the next step is to reboot your device. Rebooting the device can solve all types of minor bugs/glitches existing in the device. So, follow the mentioned steps given below.

  • Long press the Power button to bring the Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu choose Restart.

Restart Samsung Phone

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Solution 8 – Factory Data Reset

If all the given solutions didn’t work, then the last option is to factory reset the device. We didn’t suggest this solution because it wipes all your data saved on the phone. But in the end, you need to do a factory reset, if nothing works. Before doing a factory reset backup all the data stored in the device.

  • On your phone go to Settings > General Management.
  • Choose Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra

After factory reset, check if you can add the card details or not in the Samsung Pay app or not.

Solution 9 – Contact To Samsung Support

Currently, if you are in the region/country where Samsung Pay is compatible then it’s time to contact the Samsung Support team, they will check the problem completely.

Wrap Up

I hope with the help of this guide you can solve the problem of Samsung Pay not allowing to add cards (debit or credit card). You can use one of those solutions to fix the problem. Samsung Pay is one of the best payment apps but on the other hand, it also goes through several problems and errors which is quite irritating.

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