[Quick Tips] How To Set Wallpaper Without Zoom In Android

How To Set Wallpaper On Android Without Stretching or Without Cropping

Overview: Every smartphone users like to set wallpaper on their phone’s screen. They use their own clicked images or download images to set in wallpaper. But they face problem in setting the full images as it zoom in by itself. They want to set the full picture but they are unable to do this. If you are also one of them then read this guide. Here, we are going to discuss some Android apps that will help you to set wallpaper without zoom in Android.

Now let us start with some real user’s practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User A Asking Help To Set Full Wallpaper Without Cropping In Android

Stop Wallpaper Zooming

Hi All

I just got an android phone and I have a little problem.

I got a picture I want to use as a wallpaper and I cut it to the right resolution, but when I assign it to be my wallpaper, the phone zooms in on it alot… So it looks bad and doesnt show the whole picture…

Is there a fix for this?


Source: Android Forums

Practical Scenario 2: A User Wants To Stop Wallpaper From Zooming In

How Do I Stop Wallpaper Zooming?

Hi guys, one thing that drives me crazy is when i set a wallpaper and it zooms in. Is there anyway i can stop that? ​

Source: Android Forums

Like the above practical scenarios, many users are also facing this problem and wanted to fix it.

So, you don’t need to worry as you are not alone in this field. Just use any of the apps which I am going to mentioned below to set wallpaper on android without stretching.

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Apps To Set Wallpaper Without Zoom On Android

1 – Image 2 Wallpaper

How can I make my whole picture fit my wallpaper

Image 2 Wallpaper app sets the image as wallpaper without zoom. You need to just choose a picture from the Gallery or another app and set it as wallpaper. If you want to resize the image before settings it to wallpaper then you can easily do this.

Key Features Of Image 2 Wallpaper

  • You can use this app on both Android phones and tablets.
  • You can resize the images or you can keep the original size of the image.
  • Flip, rotate, and crop the picture.
  • You can apply image effects such as Sepia toning, adjust brightness, blur, contrast, etc.

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2 – Wallpaper Setter

How can I set full wallpaper without cropping in Android

Wallpaper Setter is a very easy tool to make your whole picture fit on your wallpaper. You can easily choose your style of selection, including tile, center, and stretch.

Key Features Of Wallpaper Setter

  • You can color your wallpaper. It supports both “Monochromatic color” and “Gradient colors”.
  • You can make a collage and set it to your wallpaper.

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3 – Wallpaper Wizardrii

Set wallpaper android fit screen programmatically

Wallpaper Wizardrii allows you to put a whole picture as wallpaper on Android. You can easily portrait, crop the images. You can also rotate, flip, greyscale, invert, share, greyscale, and resize the pictures.

Key Features Of Wallpaper Wizardrii

  • It auto resize the images.
  • Provide 9 sets option.

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4 – Instasize

How to make picture fit wallpaper on samsung

You can use Instasize to set a full image on Instagram without cropping. Instagram doesn’t allow to set full-sized images, if they are not square then they will show the cropping screen.

You can use this tool very easily. Any user at any skill level can add a professional and personal touch to the images they post online.

Key Features Of Instasize

  • Immediately resize your photos so that it can fit on any social platform.
  • Naturally, enhance filters from images.
  • Easily adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more.
  • You can select multiple images and make a collage.
  • You can add text to your pictures easily.

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Wrap Up

I know you feel very irritating when you try to set full wallpaper but it zoomed in. But, you don’t need to panic as there are some apps available on Google Play Store which will help you to set wallpaper without zoom in Android. Some apps I have been discussed above, you can try these applications to fix the issue.

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