How To Recover Screen (Screenshots) Recorded Videos On Android

How To Recover Deleted Screen Recorded Videos From Android

Learn Effective And Easy Solutions To Retrieve Screen or Screenshots Recorded Videos From Android Phone!

Overview: Have you deleted or lost screen-recorded videos from your Android phone? You wish to recover them but don’t know who to do this. Don’t Worry! Here, I will share some effective solutions on how to recover screen recorded videos on Android.

Expert Tip: One of the easiest ways to retrieve screen recorded videos from Android Phone or tablet is to use professional and trusted Android Data Recovery software which is a suitable Android Screen Recorded Videos Recovery tool.

With the help of Android Video Recovery, you can:

  • Effectively recover deleted screen recorded videos with or without backup.
  • Also retrieve other types of data like text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp chats, pictures, audios, documents, notes, and many more.
  • Retrieve deleted screen recorded videos and other files that have been lost due to accidental deletion, water damaged, factory reset, ROM flashed, black screen, etc.
  • Preview the screen recorded videos before final recovery.
  • Retrieve videos from phone memory as well as SD card.
  • 100% safe, secure and user-friendly tool.

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Let us start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User Is Finding Solutions To Recover Permanently Screen Recordings Videos

Recover my perminently deleted screen recording videos 

Recover perminently deleted screen records

Source: Google Support

Solution 1: Restore Screen Recorded Videos From Android Using Google Drive Backup

Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage space where you can backup videos, photos, and documents. So, you have used Goggle Drive to backup screen recorded videos then you can easily restore them back to your phone.

Here, follow the steps to restore screenshot videos from Android using Google Drive Backup.

Step 1: Open Google Drive app or you can visit Google Drive webpage in any web browser.

Step 2: After that tap on My Drive option.

Step 3: Now, you can see all the backed-up videos and other data.

Step 4: Choose the desired screen recorded videos.

Step 5: Now, you just need to Download those videos.

Restore Photos From Google Drive Backup

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Solution 2: Retrieve Deleted Screen Recorded Videos From Android Via Local Backup

Almost everyone is aware of local backup when you can back up your phone’s data and restore them later.

The local backup can be your phone’s cloud option and many phone manufacturer gives their cloud feature. It provides 5GB of free storage where users can keep a backup of their data.

So, if you have created a backup of screen recorded videos to it then you can find the videos and restore them back.

Solution 3: Get Back Screen Recorded Videos From Android Via Google Photos Backup

Every Android user gets a pre-installed Google Photos app on their phone. So, if you have synced it then all your device’s photos and videos automatically get saved to it. You can find here the missing screen recording on Android.

If you didn’t find the videos there then you can get them from the Bin/Trash folder.


  • The backed screen recorded videos will remain in the trash for 60 days once it is deleted from Google Photos.
  • If you delete videos and other data that is not backed up from your Android phone then it will remain in your trash for 60 days.

Here, follow the steps to recover deleted screen recordings from Android using Google Photos Trash/Bin.

Step 1: On your phone, open Google Photos app or you can open Google Photos webpage in any browser.

Step 2: Here, you will find Bin/Trash option.

Restore deletd photos from Google Photos Backup

Step 3: Now, you can see all the deleted videos that you wish to restore.

Step 4: Just select the videos by tapping on them and then tap on “Restore” button.

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Solution 4: Retrieve Deleted Screen Recorded Videos From Android Via Specific Screen Recording App’s Folder

You can also get the deleted/lost screen recordings from your Android phone by using the specific screen recording app’s folder.

The File Manager app store all app’s media. So, you can open the File Manager app and then find the Screen Recording app’s folder there. It is possible that the deleted screen recording videos will be present there.

Solution 5: Recover Screen Recorded Videos From Android Using Android Data Recovery Software

You can use professional Android Data Recovery software to retrieve deleted/lost/missing screen recorded videos from Android without backup. This tool will recover the videos in few minutes.

Besides recovering deleted videos it also retrieves other items like photos, contacts, call logs, voice mails, audios, notes, text messages, WhatsApp conversations, documents, etc.

The best thing about Android Video Recovery tool is that it recovers deleted screen recorded videos from both internal memory and external SD memory card. It allows you to preview the videos before recovery in the software’s preview screen so that you can easily recover the desired videos.

Note: Don’t add any new data on your phone after the screenshots recordings deletion as this will overwrite the existing data which can lose the chance of successful video recovery.

Follow here, the complete steps to recover screen recordings videos from Android without backup via Android Video Recovery tool.

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Bonus Tip: Avoid Future Screen Recordings Video Loss

If you don’t want to lose the screen recording videos and other files from your Android smartphone in the future again then you should start backing up your videos with other data from today onwards.

You can create a backup of Android screen recorded videos to Google Drive, Google Photos, computer, etc.

You can also use Android Data Backup & Restore software to backup screen recordings and various other data types. It lets you backup whole data and you can selectively backup and restore them.

Here, learn the steps to backup screen recorded videos from Android using Android Videos Backup & Restore software.

Wrap Up

So, these are the 5 effective solutions to recover screen recorded videos from Android. If you have backup then it’s is very good you can easily restore them. But if you don’t have backup then you don’t have you worry, juts try Android Video Recovery app to get back permanently deleted/disappeared screen recorded videos from Android without backup.

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