Learn To Fix SD Card Keeps Disappearing On Android

SD Card Keeps Disappearing On Android? Here How To Fix It!

Here Learn 7 Effective Solutions To Fix SD Card Disappeared On Android Phone & Tablet!

I have done some research over the net and I have found that there are many Android phone and tablet users are encountering with the issues of “SD card keeps disappearing on Android”, “SD card disappear on Android when copying files”, “SD card shows up and then disappear after a few seconds”, “New SD card disappear on new Android phone” and so on.


Hence, I have decided to provide some effective solutions that will help all users to fix SD card disappearing problem who are encountering such SD card issues on Android phone and tablet.

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  • 100% safe, secure and easy to use.

Download Android SD Card Recovery Tool To Recover Inaccessible/Disappeared/Missing Files From Android SD Card That Keeps Disappearing

SD card has been used in mobile phone before Android phone was developed. But after the launch of Android phone, it has taken the sudden rise in the market of mobile industry and today Android phone is leading worldwide.

Since, the user of Android phone has increased, similarly the use of SD memory card in Android device has also increased. But as I mentioned there are many people facing with problem of “SD card disappeared on Android” and it should be fixed as quick as possible.

For example, let’s check out real user’s practical scenarios!      

Practical Scenario 1: A User New SD Card Keeps Disappearing On New Android Phone

why does my new sd card keep disappearing in my new phone?

i bought a brand new sd card for my brand new phone and i transferred all my contents from my old phone to my new phone. now, my new sd card disappears. i shut off my phone, took it out, turned it back on, turned it off again and re-inserted it. it showed all files on the sd card, then it disappeared again within minutes. help!

  1. i inserted the new sd card that is “disappearing” into my old phone, all files came up and stayed showing. i put old sd card in new phone and all contents showed and stayed showing. I have a new samsung EVO plus 64GB and a new note 4

Source: Android Central Forums

Practical Scenario 2: A User Micro SD Card Disappearing From Storage On Android

MicroSD card keeps disappearing from storage

Hi guys

I unmounted my MicroSD card from my old phone to put in my new FP2. At first it showed it after putting it in a few times now it’s disappeared from storage in settings.

I’m not to pleased about it as this is a brand new phone and I can’t walk into a local shop to get it replaced. The SD card shows on my other phone with no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem and is there any fixes for it.

Any help welcome.



Source: Fairphone Community Forum

Just like above practical scenarios, there are many users out their experiencing with such kind of SD card issues.

So, now the question arises – Why does my SD card disappear after a few seconds? How can I fix SD card keeps disappearing on Android?

There could be various causes for the SD card disappearing on Android SD card such as card damage/corruption, phone’s card slot damage, etc. But you can easily fix these issues to get rid of SD card keeps disappearing on Android. The solutions are mentioned-below to troubleshoot the problems.

Note: All below-mentioned solutions is applicable for all types of SD card (SD/microSD/miniSD/SDHC/miniSDHC/microSDHC/SDXC/CF, etc) of all brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, Toshiba, Strontium, Lexar, Sony, Kingston, HP, etc used in Android phones or tablets.

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Solution 1: Common Troubleshooting To Get Rid of SD Card Keeps Disappearing On Android

These are some basic and common troubleshoot that you must first follow to fix the issue.

Troubleshoot 1: Reboot/Restart Your Android Device

Sometimes a simple reboot/restart of Android device fixes many issues. If your Android phone is not switched OFF for a longer period of time then a soft reset is all you required. Simply Turn OFF and then Turn ON your device and see if your problem is resolved or not.

Troubleshoot 2: Clean SD Card Particularly The Metal Parts

Pull out the SD card out of the phone and clean the card if there is any dust particles clotting on it, particularly the metal parts area. Now re-insert the card back to phone’s SD card slot and check if problem solved or not.

Troubleshoot 3: Replace With Another Card To Check Corruption/Damage

If your SD memory card has got damaged or corrupted then it may not work properly and you may face with card disappearing issue. So, check whether your card is corrupted or damage. To check replace the card and insert another working SD card in your phone.

  • If replaced card works properly then it is confirmed that there is some issue with your original card. It might be corrupted or damaged.
  • If replaced card also shows the same issues then there is some issue with your phone or phone’s card slot.

Troubleshoot 4: Update Your Android System Software If Any Available

Check your Android phone system software, if there is any update available, then simply update it and then check your card shows up stably.

Here how to update android system software: On your phone go to Settings > About Phone > System Update. If there is any update available, then your android will ask you to update your system software. Simply click on “Update” and wait for the process to get complete.

Troubleshoot 5:  Connect Your SD Card To Another Android Phone

This is the best method to know whether your card is working properly and it is not corrupted or damaged. Connect your SD card to another Android phone and see if it shows up stably over there or not.

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After following above 5 troubleshooting, if your SD card does not get disappeared then you can easily access the data stored within the card, then it means your issue is resolved.

But, if your problem still persists, then you need to follow other solutions that are mentioned-below to get rid of SD memory card disappearing on Android.

Solution 2: Start The Phone In Safe-Mode

Safe Mode is essential when it comes to troubleshoot pesky software issues on your computer. But have you ever thought about the similar feature existed on your Android device? It does and it is easy to use.

So, start your phone in Safe Mode and then check if the problem occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by an app that you downloaded.

Here follow the steps to restart your phone into safe mode:

  • Press and hold phone’s “Power” button for few seconds, until your Android phone pops-up to Turn OFF your phone.
  • Tap and hold “Power OFF” for a few seconds until your Android ask you to enter into Safe Mode.
  • Tap “OK” and your phone will restart in Safe Mode.

Reboot Android In Safe Mode

Now find out which app is creating problem. Once you find an app which is creating the problem, then simply Power OFF your phone as normally you do and then turn it back ON to get out of Safe Mode. And then uninstall the app that was creating the problem.

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Solution 3: Wipe Cache Partition By Entering Into Recovery Mode

Wipe the cache partition of your Android phone from the Recovery Mode. This will delete the cached system data of the phone which might be causing the issue.

Here follow the steps to enter into Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition:

  • Once you enter into recovery mode, select the option “Wipe cache Partition” (Use Volume Up or Volume Down button to make selection) and confirm it by pressing the “Power” button.

Wipe Cache Partition In Android

  • Wait for the process to get complete. Once completed select the option “reboot system now” to restart your device in normal mode.

Now check if your SD card disappeared on your Android is solved or not.

Solution 4: Try CHKDSK Command To Check SD Card Read/Write Condition

CHKDSK command will help you to check the data of a SD memory card. It will help you in finding the detailed information whether the device’s partition is in reading/writing condition or not.

Here follow the steps to check SD card using chkdsk command:

  • Insert your SD card into card reader that keeps disappearing on your Android and then connect it your Windows PC.
  • On your PC click “Start” and type “cmd” and hit “Enter” key. This will open a new command prompt window.
  • Now type the following command: “chkdsk /f” and hit enter key. Note: Here you need to replace “f” with your SD card drive letter name.

Use CHKDSK Command To Check SD Card

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Solution 5: Assign A New Drive Letter Name For Your SD Card

  • Connect your SD card to Windows PC via card reader.
  • On your PC click “Start” and type “Disk Management” in search address bar, the result will display “Create and format hard disk partitions”. Click on it to open it.
  • This will open Disk Management on your PC. Now right-click on your SD card and select the option “Change drive letter…
  • Rename the drive letter name of your SD card drive letter name and click on “OK” to save the changes.

Assign a New Drive Letter Name To SD Card

Now safely eject the card from the PC and insert it back to your Android to check if your SD memory card is working properly and it is no more disappearing.

If your problem still not solved, then you may have to format your SD card and if that also doesn’t fix the issue, then you may have to factory reset your Android. And in both the cases, you will lose all the data. Factory reset will erase all data stored within your Android internal memory and formatting SD card will wipe all data from the external SD card.

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So, before you format your SD card or perform factory reset, it is advised that you must backup all your important data to some other location.

Below, find out how to backup data from Android phone internal memory as well as from external SD card to PC.

Backup Android Phone Internal Storage Data And SD Card Data To PC

To backup Android phone internal memory data:

Connect your phone to computer and copy all the photos, videos, music to computer. For backing up data like messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp chat history, etc use Android Data Backup and Restore Software. Here learn the steps to backup Android data to PC.

To backup Android SD card data to PC:

You can use the same Android Data and Backup software mentioned-above to backup data from Android SD card to PC.

Alternatively, connect your SD card to PC and open the card in File Explorer and backup all data to safe place or location.

But in case, if your SD card shows access denied or inaccessible, then in such situation, try Android SD Card Data Recovery Tool. It will help you to restore/recover photos, videos, audio, documents and other files from SD card to PC that keeps disappearing in Android phone or tablet.

Below follow the complete tutorial to recover inaccessible data from SD card that keeps disappearing on Android by using Android SD Card Recovery software.

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Steps To Recover Inaccessible Files From SD Card That Keeps Disappearing On Android

Step 1 – Connect SD Card Through Your Android Device or a Card Reader

Launch Android Data Recovery on your computer and select “Data Recovery” from available options. And then select the “Android SD Card Data Recovery” option.

Now connect your SD to PC. You can connect your SD card via your Android phone or by using a card reader. Select the better way for you.

Once, your SD card get detected by the software, you will see the window as shown in the image below. Select the SD card and then click on “Next” button to progress further.

Step 2 – Start Scanning Your SD Card

There are two modes available to scan Android SD card. We recommend you to choose “Standard Mode” first. If this mode doesn’t recover files that you were looking for, then you can try “Advance Mode”.

After selecting the recovery mode, click on “Next” button to start the scanning process of your SD card.

Step 3 – Preview and Recover Data From Your SD Card

Once the scanning process complete, you can now preview all recoverable files one by one. Select the data that you want back and then click on “Recover” button to save the files on your PC.

Once you backup your SD card and Android device data to PC, you can now move ahead to format your card and restore your device to factory settings.

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Solution 6: Format Your SD Card That Is Disappearing On Android

In most of the cases, formatting SD card solves many problems and I hope it will solve this issue as well. But formatting SD card will erase all data stored within the card, hence you must first backup your SD memory card which I have already mentioned-above.

Here follow the steps to format SD card that keeps disappearing on Android phone or tablet:

  • Connect your SD card to PC with the help of card reader.
  • Open Disk Management (check solution 5) again on your PC.
  • Right-click on your SD card and select “Format” option.
  • Set file system as FAT32/NTFS as per your requirement.
  • Click “OK” to begin the formatting process.

Format Your Android SD Card

Once the formatting process gets completed, safely remove the card from the PC and then insert the card into phone card slot and check if problem resolved.

If problem still exists, then follow the last and final solution.

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Solution 7: Factory Reset Your Android Phone/Tablet In Which Your SD Card Get Disappeared

It could be possible that there might be problem in Android device and hence it is not able to detect/recognize you card and thereby your card getting disappeared/disconnects on your Android after few seconds.

Here follow the steps to do factory reset on Android:

  • First Remove/Unmount the SD on your Android.
  • Now go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset > All files on the phone and confirm the process.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Wait for the process to get finished. Once finished, insert your SD card to phone and check if problem resolved.

Wrap Up

Those were some solutions and troubleshooting to fix SD card keeps disappearing on Android phone or tablet that you can follow to get rid of the problem. However, if you are not able to access data from your SD card or of your memory card display access denied, then you can use Android SD Card Data Recovery Software to recover them back if there is any important or sensitive data is lying on that SD card.

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