10 Things To Consider When Designing An App

Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A App

[Ultimate Guide]: Important Things To Consider While Creating A Mobile App To Make It A Good And Successful App!

There’re millions of apps in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Some of them are useful, whereas some aren’t. Different ideas behind those apps have shaped the mobile world in a new way. Apart from entertaining, certain mobile apps come in handy for marketing and reaching customers.

Think about the popular and successful apps people use like WhatsApp, Instagram, Cash App, Candy Crush, Google Maps and many more. They all have consistency, an easy user interface, seamless experience and good performance.

If you’re also planning to create an app then you must have things to keep in mind while designing an app, here are ten things to consider when designing an app. Before that, check out why the design part is so important for a mobile app.

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Why Design is the Most Important Factor in Mobile App Development?

There are already similar apps available that have the same concept like your app. One of the major reasons that users should go for your app is getting impressed by the design. If the users feel comfortable with the design of an app, they can go to the next step which is evaluating the functionalities of your app. Here is a list of the reasons, why you should focus on the design part of your app. Or what are the requirements for developing an app.

  • When visualization and graphical illustrations are trending everywhere, it is necessary to gain the attention of the audience by such mobile apps that have cool visuals, accurate theme colors and infographics.
  • Believe it or not, the mobile app of your company does represent the brand image of yours. If your app’s navigation or the user interface is not up to the mark, it can never create a positive brand impression. So, to empower the brand image of your company, you don’t have an option but to put a really good effort into designing a top-notch app for your business.
  • When the UI of your app is decent and hassle-free, you can automatically gain a loyal customer base. In this modern age, everyone is looking for something simple and effective solution. If your app can provide the same, you don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction anymore.
  • A satisfied customer can bring more customers by talking about your app and your company. So, you can expect a sales boost if you can successfully design an app that can win the hearts of your customers.

Those are the most important factor in mobile app development that you must keep in mind while designing a app. These are are the things that make a good app.

So, now let’s move to the 10 things to consider when designing an app.

#1 – Market Research

Market Research - Things To Consider When Developing Mobile Apps

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The first and foremost part of designing an app is research. You need to know the market and competitors before implementing your ideas.

Researching all details about the target project will help you find out whether someone else has already worked on the same idea or not. After all, you’re not the only one with a great mind.

You can begin with the thought, “what makes my app different than others”. It can be a unique feature, logo, algorithm, user interface or anything that will create the difference between your design and competitors.

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#2 – Purpose Of The App

The next question you need to ask yourself is, “what’s the purpose of my app?” “Will it serve as a long-term goal?”. Because before designing the app, it’s important to evaluate how it can be beneficial for the users.

For instance, decide if you want to build finance, game or chatting app. You can also check the current trend topics to get some ideas. Otherwise, developing an app without any purpose is nothing but a waste of time and valuable resources.

A useful mobile app incorporates various strategies to attract customers and increase profit. Additionally, it’s a great tool to reduce marketing costs, like promoting new brands or starting online selling, etc.

In short, you need to determine the opportunities of the app you’re planning to create. If you take a close look at the successful apps, you can see three factors they follow:

  • Solution or problem-solving.
  • Added values.
  • Entertainment with simple UI.

#3 – Identify Users

Identify The Users - Things To Consider When Designing An App

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Just because you get a big idea of designing an app doesn’t guarantee success. You should know your potential users.

Most of the time, apps are built to perform a specific function or task rather than concentrating on the audience. However, it’s not wise to underestimate your target users. It’s because, ultimately, these are the people who will be the key to your app’s success.

If you want the audience to install your app, you must meet their demands. To do that, you can conduct research by creating user groups. Here, you can consult with them about what they expect from your app or get their reviews on similar apps.

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#4 – Mobile Platform

Another factor you need to consider is the mobile platform for which the app will be designed. In today’s mobile world, iOS and Android two are the most well-known operating system.

In order to create a mobile app for a particular platform, you must use a language supported by that platform. For iOS, the most used programming language is Swift and Objective-C, whereas Android apps are written into Java, C++ or Kotlin. Such apps are called “native”.

Now, if you want to learn only one language and design an app for both platforms, that’s also possible. Thanks to evolving technology, it’s easy to design a single app with one language instead of building several apps for different platforms. These apps are called “hybrid”.

#5 – Security

Security - Things To Consider When Designing An App

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Since everyone keeps their personal data in mobile apps, you need to give extra attention to the app’s security feature. From bank details to the exact location, social media passwords, etc., are now on smartphones. So, make sure your future app will be able to protect that information.

For that, keep testing the security code written for the app. Also, do not depend on third-party codes as they may not always be safe. Finally, data encryption is the best practice to protect information from being accessed by others.

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#6 – Color Scheme

When focusing on the large picture, you may miss the small things that can create a huge impact. To grab your users’ attention, think about the color schemes of the app. It gives users an impression and creates a practical sense of how the app is.

Research shows, people make a judgment about a product within 90 seconds of first viewing and 62%-90% of that assessment is based on the color only.

That’s why color tools are important since it has a huge influence on an app. Whether it’s the app icon, logo or navigation elements, everything must have a subtle color that provides a seamless user experience. For that reason, you can choose multiple color codes through Vista Web easily.

#7 – Easy Navigation

With a single tap, if your user can explore what they want, you win. In a word, mobile app navigation needs to be intuitive and evident.

Next, you must take into account finger and hand positions. Not everyone uses the phone in the same way. But nobody wants to waste time by repeatedly tapping an icon or button to move further.

Additionally, pay attention to the content because mobile screens are smaller than desktops. The apps’ navigation is mostly text-based and so, keep the button or menu size in mind.

#8 – Monetization

If you want the app to make money for you, decide how to monetize it. There’re different models available like free, paid, premium and in-app purchases. You need to select the best that’ll bring revenue to the business.

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#9 – App Registration

After building the app, you need to register it in the Play Store or Apple App Store. It may take some time to complete the registration procedure.

However, go through their terms and policies carefully. Especially Apple has very strict rules and a small breach can ruin your reputation and the app.

#10 – Launch Time

Timing is a crucial thing to consider because it decides if the startup will become successful. If the idea comes too quickly, your customers may not be ready. Then again, if it comes too late, your competitors may grab the market.

Therefore, determine who and when the app should be launched to get the desired outcome.

Wrap Up

You cannot design an app overnight, because it requires in-depth research at first. Moreover, it needs proper planning, time and effort to get it done. Don’t put everything on your app and make it look overwhelming. It is always good to leave some white space to rest the eyes of the users.

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