If Your Samsung Watch 4 Overheating And Battery Draining

How To Fix Samsung Watch 4 Battery Draining Quickly and Overheating

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great smartwatch and also has such a good design and great build quality. But it causes some issues like overheating, battery draining problems and it can really weird in emergency situations. Because when it’s got too hot, it will pop-up an alert, then it may shut down automatically.

Overheating is a serious problem that cause in many smartwatches and smartphones and it would also affects the battery life, because of the overheating the Galaxy watch consumes more power.

So, in this guide, we covered the possible troubleshooting methods to fix Samsung Watch 4 overheating and battery draining problem. You can follow the effective solution one by one and solve the problem quickly and easily.

First, let’s start with a practical scenario!

GALAXY WATCH 4 overheating problem

My new Galaxy watch 4 LTE cannot make calls. After 1 minute the connection is dropped, and the watch goes into the cooling mode.  I googled it, and it is a common AT&T problem.  Many people have similar complaints. When the signal from the tower is weak, the watch uses a lot of power and rapidly overheats. This happens only with AT&T (GSM signal) and not, say, with Verizon (CDMA).

Now, for my phone I use AT&T MicroCell to boost the signal at home, where the signal is weak. However, Microcell is not supported anymore as AT&T now recommends calling over wi-fi instead.

If I would be able to connect my new watch to my Microcell, the signal would be strong, and I could use my new watch to make calls with no overheating. But the watch is locked to AT&T network (I cannot choose it manually) and I cannot see Microcell. (Alternatively, if the watch would use calling over wi fi, it would also solve the problem, but Samsung’s Galaxy watch does not support wi fi calling.)

AT&T – please just unlock my watch and allow me to connect to Microcell. Otherwise, I will return my new watch. It is crazy – to buy a watch for 400 USD, to pay for extra line monthly, and not be able to call.

Original Post Taken From – AT&T Community Forums

That is just one scenario there are many users encountering the overheating and battery-draining problem.

Now, let’s move to the quick fixes for this issue.

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Note: The below-mentioned solutions are applicable to both – Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Quick Fixes For Galaxy Watch 4 Overheating And Battery Draining

  • You can try to disable the notifications to prevent from those apps that keep sending unnecessary notifications. So, it’s better to disable it, because it may overheat the watch and you can face the battery draining problem. You can follow these steps to disable it. Navigate to Galaxy Wearable App and tap on Notifications and disable it.
  • Try not to use watch faces from third-party apps, because it can cause several problems. So, it’s better to avoid it and start using stock faces instead of using them from third-party apps.
  • Decrease screen timeout, because it sets to default screen timeout that is too long and consumes more power. So, try to decrease it to 30 seconds, if you set the timeout to 30 seconds, then your watch keeps the screen on for 30 seconds, then it gets locked.
  • Turn off Auto-sync of media, because if it’s kept on, then all the pictures and music that are saved on the phone will start syncing automatically on Galaxy Watch in the background. Turn off it with these steps, navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app and tap on Watch settings, then hit Manage content and turn off auto-sync.
  • The Samsung health app automatically records your Blood oxygen levels, Heart rate, and Stress level, and consumes some power from your battery. Because the automatic health measurements feature was enabled, so, try to disable it to prevent from battery loss and overheating. Follow these steps to disable it, navigate to Samsung Health App and tap on Settings, then hit Measurement and disable it.
  • Well, if you are traveling in a weak signal place, then there might be chances your watch might get overheated. So, try to switch 4G network to 3G as it may help to prevent from overheating.
  • There might be chances that your device gets overheat, because the data is enabled and it’s leading the device to get warm or hot. Because in some areas the signal is not perfect and steady and that’s why it searches for a better signal and starts overheating. So, try to disable it, as it may help to fix it.

If the above quick fixes don’t help, you can then move to the effective solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

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1. Check For Updates

If your watch running on an older OS version, then it can cause issues like overheating.

So, check for the software updates and try to download it. If available, then download the latest version and install it on your Galaxy watch. Follow the mentioned steps if your phone and watch are linked together.

Update With Phone:

  • Go to the Samsung Wearable app on your linked phone.
  • Then, tap on Watch Settings, then hit Watch Software Update.

Update With Watch:

  • If any updates are available, then it will get displayed in a Home Tab. You have to simply tap on Watch Software Update or Band Software Update.
  • After that, simply hit Downland And Install.
  • If the update does not display on your watch screen, then you need to tap on About Watch or About Band to bring the update page.
  • In addition, if you are wishing that the update will download automatically over a Wi-Fi connection, then it’s possible the only thing you need to switch on the toggle beside the Auto Download Over Wi-Fi.

2. Connect Through Bluetooth

The LTE network can also be the reason of the overheating problem, the easiest way to troubleshoot it is to connect your watch with Bluetooth to your device. It helps to prevent the problem and also it might solve issue, when connecting it with Bluetooth.

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3. Disable Network Settings

If your Watch 4 battery keeps dying, then it might be the network settings that are causing the problem. If you keep turned on the network settings like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi, then it can drain the battery very quickly.

So, if these settings are not in use, then try to disable them.

4. Turn Off Always-On Display

This feature keeps your screen on after unlocking it. It can also display Notifications, Messages and Date/Time without touching any button, you can make it on by raising your wrist. But it drains the battery as well.

Because sometimes you raise your wrist and the screen will get ON automatically, and no matter what your intentions are, the always on display will light up the screen when you raise your wrist and it will consume the battery power.

So, try to disable it to prevent draining issues. Follow these steps to disable it.

  • Navigate to your watch settings, and tap on Display.
  • Now, look for Watch Always ON, after that turn it off.

5. Turn Off Wake-Up On Assistants

Well, the watch assistants are getting more advanced day by day and you don’t need to press any button for calling any virtual assistants. Nowadays, assistants are advanced enough.

Hence, it will always remain active, and whenever you call them, they will answer your asked questions and instructions and it will drain more battery as well. These are the step to follow.

  • Access the S voice or Bixby on your watch.
  • Now, press the 3 dots, then Turn off the Voice wake-up.

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6. Customize Notifications

Well, the useless notifications are really annoying, and we receive a massive number of notifications that are consuming more power.

Luckily, we have the option to customize it and save some battery. So, follow the given mentioned steps to do so.

  • Either navigate to Samsung Wearable App or Google Wear App on your smartphone.
  • Now, look for Notifications, after that tap on it.
  • Now, you can select any customizable options as per your need. But, select that option that can really save battery.

7. Uninstall Unwanted App

Well, like every smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 also comes with pre-installed apps that we cannot use often and don’t need it.

So, it’s better to uninstall those unnecessary apps that are not in use or you do not use.

Because it can also consume some power. So, try to uninstall those unwanted apps one by one and check if the issue is solved or not, if the issue still exists, then move to the other solution.

8. Clear Storage

If your watch gets full of items and your storage gets full? Try to clear the storage to free up the storage, because if your storage was full, then it can cause problems like overheating as well. These are the steps to follow.

  • Open Galaxy Wearable App on your phone.
  • Now, tap on About Watch or About Gear.
  • Then, hit Storage and simply tap on Clear Now option. Now you can able to see those items that are consuming the space.

Well, you can also free up storage by uninstalling unwanted apps and deleting those music which you do not want to listen anymore because it can free up the storage and prevent the overheating problem as well.

If you have an alternative device in which the pictures are already saved, then you can delete those photos from your watch to free up the storage. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Gallery and tap on More Options.
  • Now, tap on Delete, then choose the images that you wish to remove.
  • Then, tap on Delete > Checkmark.

Well, once you clean the memory, then the apps will stop functioning in the background and your watch will be avoided from overheat problems. These are the steps to do so.

  • Open Galaxy Wearable App on your smartphone.
  • Now, tap on About Watch or tap on About Gear.
  • Then, hit on Memory Icon, then deselect those apps that you need to keep functioning in the background.
  • Now, tap on Clear Now.

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9. Update The Apps

If your apps running on the older version, then it can lead to several problems. To prevent such a situation, try to update all of the apps.

Therefore first, update the apps and check whether the problem is solved or not, if not, then simply move to the other solution.

10. Try To Avoid Your Watch From Heat Exposure

Try to avoid keeping your watch from direct sunlight and from warm places. Because it can lead it to overheat and also affects the device and its battery life. So, try to keep it in such a cold atmosphere to prevent overheating problems.

11. Turn On Power Saving Mode

Well, in the power saving mode, all of the features get disabled by itself and the screen would appear in Grayscale.

Some settings will keep enabled such as Calls, Messages, Notifications, and Bluetooth which use Wi-Fi to function, and your mobile internet would turn off by itself and you will experience that your performance is decreased after enabling the power saving mode. But obviously, it can save some battery.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Settings on your Watch.
  • Now, tap on Battery, then choose Power Saving.
  • Tap on the Checkmark to turn on it.

Well, if you don’t want to take a long process and want to enable it quickly, then you can enable it from the home, simply swipe down to bring the control centre, then hit the Battery symbol.

12. Force Restart

This workaround is the easiest way to fix any issues, the force restart workaround can fix those minor bugs and glitches that can lead to several problems like battery draining and many other issues. These are the steps to do so.

  • Press and hold the physical Up and Down keys, at the same time.
  • Now, wait for a few couples of seconds until the Samsung Rebooting displays.

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13. Reset Your Watch

If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t help you to fixing the problem, then you can go for the reset workaround as it can troubleshoot the problem and bring the default settings back.

But I recommend you to first try the other solutions, because the reset workaround can wipe all your stored data on your Watch 4. So, before doing the reset, keep remember to back up your essential data. Because once you back up the data you can easily restore it, after doing hard reset.

These are the steps to follow.

Reset With Smartphone

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App on your device.
  • Now, tap on Settings Tab, then tap on Find My Watch, at last hit on SET SECURITY KEY.
  • Now, tap on Reset Watch, then hit Reset.

Reset With Galaxy Watch

  • Navigate to the Settings and look for General option, then tap on it.
  • Now, tap on Reset, at the last tap on Done.

14. Contact Samsung Support

If you are still not succeeded in solving the overheating and battery draining issue, then it’s time to contact the Samsung Support Team, because there is a chance that your watch has hardware damage that’s why the above solution didn’t help you.

So, it’s better to contact the support team as they can properly check the problem.

If your watch 4 was damaged from the start, when you purchase it, then you can visit the Samsung Service center and ask for a replacement, if your device is under warranty.

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Bonus Tip – Things To Do To Improve Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Life

  • Try to use dark watch faces to improve the battery life.
  • Well, if you have the LTE version, then you should try to disable it to prevent battery loss. You can still receive the notification and text messages even when you disable the LTE.
  • Enable Battery Saver Mode, enabling this mode you can save some battery.
  • Try to enable the Watch Only feature from the settings.
  • You don’t have to enable the heart rate tracking feature every time. Try to enable it, when you are walking or doing workout.
  • Keep in your mind that you have to fully close the recent apps, because if the apps are running in the background, then it can lead to overheating problem.
  • Disable the Bixby Voice wake-up feature, because it can also consume the battery faster.
  • Turn on Auto Brightness feature, it can bright the screen according to the need and save some battery.

Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1. Why Is My Galaxy 4 Watch Losing Battery So Fast?

Answer. There might be chances that your watch was losing battery, because of the out-of-date apps. Well, sometimes the outdated apps are updated itself, when you update the software. But, make sure that the apps are updated, because if not, then it can lead to overheating problem.

Question 2. How do I stop my Samsung watch 4 battery from draining?

Answer. There are several tips to stop your watch from battery draining. Some of them are given below.

  • Try to close background running apps.
  • Disable Always-On Display feature.
  • Disable network connections to prevent battery loss.
  • Disable health trackers feature, when not in use.
  • Disable Voice wake-up feature in the S Voice or Bixby.
  • Update all of the apps.
  • Update the software to the latest version.

These are some common tips to prevent battery draining problems. If you want to improve the battery life of your Galaxy Watch 4, then you can go for the above-mentioned tips and follow the given instructions.


The Samsung Watch 4 comes with an amazing design and some unique features. But it causes some issue like battery draining and overheating that are really annoying and can’t fixed easily. So, in this guide we covered the possible troubleshooting solutions to fix Samsung Watch 4 overheating and battery draining.

We have also provided some tips to improve the battery life in the Bonus Tip, make sure to follow them and increase its life. I hope this guide has helped you to troubleshoot the problem. If yes, then do share, as it can help others.