How To Unlock OnePlus With Broken Screen

Bypass Screen Lock Of OnePlus Phone With Broken Screen

Learn To Remove/Bypass/Unlock OnePlus Phone With Broken/Smashed/Damaged Screen!

Overview: Is your OnePlus phone’s screen has broken and due to this you are unable to unlock your smartphone? If YES then don’t worry you can easily access your Android phone with broken screen. In this guide, I have mentioned different solutions on how to unlock OnePlus phone with a broken screen.

Let’s start with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1:  A User OnePlus Phone Screen Is Smashed. Want To Unlock Device By Entering Startup Pin

Smashed Screen – How to enter startup PIN

I’ve had a slightly smashed screen for some time with a working phone. Yesterday something must have happened and the phone screen went black but seemed to be still working as I got vibration feedback on buttons etc.

So I did the massage/pressure technique and the screen came back but very distorted. Only problem is the smash is over the bottom part of the screen and it goes over the keypad where you enter the pin. So it the touch screen work except over half the pin keyboard that pops up on startup. My phone was off and now it asks for the pin before starting up.

Have a USB C OTG cable but it doesn’t seem to activate the mouse or external keyboard on that screen. Any thoughts on getting access to the device?

Source: OnePlus Community

Practical Scenario 2: A User OnePlus Touch Screen Not Working. Want To Unlock Pattern Lock To Access Device

HELP broken screen & pattern lock

My phone fell and the touch screen doesn’t work. Like a stupid, the first thing I thought was to restart the phone, but then I realized that there was no way to make the touch screen work again in order to draw the pattern sequence to unlock the phone. After 7 hours, even when the phone is switched on, the display is almost completely black. I need to find a way to access my files (videos and pictures).

For me, it would be ok to send the phone to the assistance for repairing, but at the phone call, they told me that even if they repair the phone, the files would be completely erased, so I would not achieve my objective anyway.

Please, somebody helps me!

Source: OnePlus Forum

So, that was just two examples, but several OnePlus phone users are experiencing similar problems.

Nevertheless, below are the few and effective solutions that will help you to bypass/remove/unlock OnePlus screen lock with broken screen.

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Solution 1: Use ADB To Unlock Broken OnePlus Screen

You can access your phone if the screen is broken on your computer by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). But this solution only works if you have enabled the USB debugging bridge on your OnePlus phone.

Below, follow the steps to unlock OnePlus phone with broken screen or view broken phone screen on a computer.

Step 1: First you need to download Android SDK on your PC. You can download it here Extract the ZIP file on your PC.

Step 2: After that download the important drives on your phone. You will get the USB drives for your phone on your manufacturer’s website.

Step 3: Now, you need to launch the command prompt on your PC and change the position of the ADB file. Then enter command prompt – cd C:/android/platform-tools

Step 4: With the help of a USB cable connect your Android device to your PC. Then types the command – ADB device. If your device is detected then you will find numbers in the command prompt message.

Step 5: Enter “ADB shell input text 1234” (without the quotation mark and enter password in the place of 1234). After that immediately enter “Shell input key event 66” (without quotation mark).

Step 6: You will see your phone unlocked and now you can back up your device’s data.

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Solution 2: Use A USB Mouse And On The Go Adapter

If you have not enabled USB debugging on your phone then this method is for you. For this solution, you will need your OnePlus phone, an OTG adapter and a USB mouse. In this solution, you need to connect your phone to the USB mouse with the help of an OTG adapter.

Note: Please check that your phone is charged as the mouse may drain your battery.

Now, follow the below steps to unlock OnePlus forgot pattern without losing data by using a USB mouse and on the Go Adapter.

Step 1: Plug the small side of the USB of the OTG adapter into your phone and another side to the USB mouse.

Enable USB Debugging on Screen Broken Android

Step 2: Once the devices get connected, you will see a pointer on your phone’s screen. Use this pointer to enter passcode or unlock pattern of broken screen.

Now, you can copy files from a locked OnePlus phone with a broken screen.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – What Is The Price Of Screen Change Of OnePlus Phone?

Answer – There is no fixed price of the screen change of the OnePlus phone, because the price may vary according to phone models. For example, my Oneplus 7T screen got broken once and it cost me $168 to change the broken screen.

Question 2 – Is Oneplus Display Safe?

Answer – Yes, OnePlus Display is safe but a curved display is not safe. Because when it fell, then there is a high chance to easily get broken.


I know how you feel when your phone’s screen gets broken or damaged and due to this, you are not able to access your important data. But after following the above methods you will be able to unlock and your OnePlus phone and take a backup.

In case, if both methods don’t work then you can take your smartphone to the repair shop and after repairing it you can easily use your phone.

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