How To Fix WWE 2K24 Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

How To Fix WWE 2K24 Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

In This Article, You Will Learn How To Fix WWE 2K24 Error CE-108255-1 on PS5.

Note: The same fixes can be applied to fix WWE 2K24 Crashing on PS5.

How To Fix WWE 2K24 Error Code CE-108255-1 on PS5

Fix 1: Restart Your PS5

  • Press and hold Power button on the console and select “Power off”.
  • Unplug all the wires.
  • Wait for a few seconds and press the Power button again. It will remove any remaining power and will clear your system cache.
  • Now, plug-in all the wires and turn on your PlayStation and check if the error is fixed or not.

Fix 2: Switch Internet Connection

  • If you are connected to Wi-Fi then connect to mobile data via hotspot.
  • If you are connected to mobile hotspot then connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Also, you can connect to other Wi-Fi network and check.

Fix 3: Logout and Login

  • Logout from your PlayStation Network account. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Sign Out.
  • Wait for few minutes and then login back.

Tip: If you have another (secondary) account then login with that and check if that works.

Fix 4: Disable HDCP

  • Go to PS5 Settings.
  • Select System and then choose HDMI
  • Turn off “Enable HDCP

Fix 5: Rebuild Database on PS5

  • Power off your PS5. But don’t unplug it from wall.
  • Press and hold power button on your console until you hear two beep sound then release the button. Your console will boot into Safe Mode.
  • Now, connect your controller to your console with the use of USB cable and then press PS button.
  • Use the D-pad to scroll down and select Clear Cache and Rebuild Database.
  • Next, select Rebuild Database > OK.
  • Launch WWE 2K24 and check if the problem is solved.

Fix 6: Update System Software on PS5

  • Go to PS5 Settings > System.
  • Select System Software > System Software Update and Settings.
  • Select Update System Software to update, if any updates appear.

Fix 7: Uninstall and Re-Install WWE 2K24

  • On your PS5 Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Storage > Console storage > Games and Apps.
  • Highlight the WWE 2K24 and select Delete to remove the game from your system.
  • Once deleted, now re-install the WWE 2K24 and check error is fixed or not.

Fix 8: Reset Your PS5 Console.

Note: Please backup your game data first.

  • Go to PS5 Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options > Reset Your Console.
  • Re-install the WWE 2K24 game again.
  • Then launch the game and see if it resolves the issue.

Fix 9: Contact PlayStation Support

If all fixes fail, then it is time to contact PlayStation Support for further help.

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