Learn To Wipe Data On Stolen Phone

How To Erase Data From Lost or Stolen Phone

Learn The Most Effective Way To Erase Everything (All Data) From Stolen or Lost Phone!

Mobile devices now hold our credit card details, personal photos, sensitive documents, and other delicate information. No one can ever think of their cell phone getting stolen.

What would you do if your cell phone gets stolen? Or you misplace it?

No worries, you can secure your mobile information using digital tools like mobile tracker apps.

Although, it is crucial to learn digital things and how we can use them in real-life. We enjoy life despite the fact of threats surrounding us. Learning about things can bring peace to our lives. For example, we can forget our cell phone somewhere, or someone can steal it. It is the worst experience because a user keeps personal information and data on the mobile phone.

You will be shocked to know that; 160,000 Smartphones are stolen every day in the US. It shows how much the ratio of such crime has been increased. That’s why we have come with a solution that can help you to remove the data from your stolen android device.

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Wipe Data on Stolen Android Phone

Did someone steal your phone? Well, it gives goosebumps but no more worries. You can still erase your cell phone data remotely with the help of digital tools.


Check out our next section to find out what to do:

1 – Open Android Device Manager on a Website.

2 – Enter Your Account Details.

3 – Access to your Stolen Android Phone.

4 – Erase the Data from SD Card.

That’s it.

It is the handiest solution to access your device remotely. You can get rid of thoughts that someone can misuse your data. But do you have personal stuff on the external memory card?

A user cannot remove the data from an external memory card, but every problem has a solution. A third-party app is the best way for complete access and gives more features than you can ever imagine.

If you have no idea about cell phone tracking software, then read our next section. We are going to mention the world’s best mobile tracker app that can help you wipe your stolen phone’s data in real-time.

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Choose Third-Party Application and Ensure Your Privacy

When there is a problem, there is a solution. Technology has evolved enough to make us trace our lost or stolen cell phones.

Have you heard about third-party mobile phone apps?

Such tools use GPS technology to track the location of a mobile device. Isn’t it fascinating?

Location tracking app reflects reliability and gives promising features for real-time tracking. It provides location tracking services and a feature to back up your data from a lost device. A user can also access the stolen phone to wipe the data with remote commands. Third-party apps offer different products, including personal data backup, etc. Once you install the app on your phone, it will keep the details of every single movement.

Such apps have eased our life too much with their advanced features. A user can do more than only erasing the data. For example, a user can detect the stolen device’s live-location and trace the movement to get it back. Such third-party apps work in the background and fetch all the data under stealth mode. Robbers can’t get any clue about the installed cell phone tracker as it collects information secretly.

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Here, You Should Know Some Tips to Ensure Your Private Data

Someone can steal your phone without letting you know. But all you need is to protect your device on your own.


Discover About Some Important Tips to Keep Your Data Secure.

1 – A user needs to lock the screen always as it will not let anyone touch your personal information. But ensure that you put a strong passcode. Yes, it is crucial to choose a strong password that must include Capital & small letters, numbers, etc.

2 – Google account location will let your friends know where you are. A user can also use one Google account on multiple devices. It will keep you updated about every movement through another device.

3 – IMEI number is also a way to track the location of your lost phone.

Final Thoughts

Around 70 million phones are stolen every year. But the phone tracking app can help you to fetch the live-location details to get your device back. Remember that cybercriminals can misuse our personal information and blackmail us. That is why it is important to secure the digital data before any bad thing happens. Phone trackers are so common nowadays that anyone can install such software to secure their digital space.

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