Fix S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 (Plus)

How To Fix S Pen Getting Disconnected On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 or S23 Plus

Find Out Some Potential Workarounds To Solve S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23/S23 Plus!

I have been observing various forums, community and other websites that Galaxy S23 users are reporting that S Pen keeps getting disconnected.

Hence, I have decided to write this post, in which I am going to provide some troubleshooting guides that will help you to fix S Pen keeps disconnecting on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23/S23 Plus.

As I said, I have been noticing this problem on various community and forum sites and therefore I will start with the real user’s practical scenarios.

Practical Scenario 1: S Pen Regularly Getting Disconnected In Galaxy S23 Series

S Pen Constantly Disconnecting

Its nothing to major but i dont use my s pen for a few hours and i get a notification when i use it that its disconnected i then have to go in the settings to reconnect and reset it so i can use the air actions. Does anyone else get this.

Source: Samsung Community

Practical Scenario 2: S Pen Keeps Disconnecting On Samsung S23 Ultra

S Pen disconnected s23 ultra

Every time I pull the s pen… I get a notification that it is disconnected and then I have to click on the icon reinsert the pen in and wait for it to connect. is this normal behavior? I have not had a note in a long time. What can I do about this?

Source: Reddit

That were just two examples, similarly, there are many users out there facing such problems.

Nevertheless, below follow some effective tips that might solve your issue.

Note: The steps which are shown in the solutions might vary depending on software version and from model to model.

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Solution 1: Restart Your Device

This has become one of the common solutions to any kind of issue. Because turning off the device refreshes the connection.

So, what you need to do – restart your phone.

Simply, long press Power button and then tap on “Restart” option.

Restart Samsung Phone

Once, your phone restart, check now if the problem got fixed or not.

If not, move to the next solution!

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Solution 2: Check For Software/App Update

Samsung releases the new software update at regular intervals to tackle minor/major bugs and glitches.

You never know that simply updating the software version can help you solve the problem.

Below follow the steps update software:

  • On your phone open Settings
  • Tap on Software update.
  • If any update is available then tap on Download.
  • When download completes, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.

Software Update on Samsung S23, S23 Plus or Samsung S23 Ultra

Also, make sure that all app on your device is up-to-date. If not, then update it. Go to Play Store > Tap on your profile icon > tap on Manage apps & device and then on Update all.

Update App On Android

After the update, please check if your problem gets fixed or not.

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Solution 3: Remove Metal/Magnetic Phone Case or Covers

If your phone displays the notification messages that you have to connect your S Pen with its indicator icon, or if S Pen gets disconnected often, then first check your phone case or covers.

In the market, there have been phone case and covers are available that has metal or magnetic material.

Let me tell you that some magnetic forces can negatively affect the functions of S Pen. Such magnetic or metal interference can interrupt the usage or recognition of S Pen and may cause issues.

Hence, it is suggested that you must remove the phone case or covers, particularly the accessories attached such as metalic covers or magnetic case.

Solution 4: Re-Insert S Pen And Check Connection Status In Air Action

If you are still facing S Pen connection problems, even after removing the attached magnetic accessories, then you have to remove the S Pen and put it back into the slot.

Next check the connection status in the Air Action settings.

Below follow the steps to see the connection status:

Go to Settings > Advance features > S Pen > Air Actions.

Re-Insert S Pen And Check Connection Status On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23 or S23 Plus

Once you re-insert the S Pen, please see the connection status of the S Pen.

If it shows 100% Available, it means your pen is connected and will work.

Check Connection Status of S Pen On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, S23 Plus

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Solution 5: Reset The S Pen and Then Re-connect

This is one of the most effective fixes that has solved the problem for many users. Resetting will bring the default settings.

So, it worth trying!

First insert the S Pen into its slot and then follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen.
  • Tap on 3 vertical dots or long press the S Pen remote icon to bring up More options.
  • Tap on Reset S Pen.

Reset S Pen On Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, S23 Plus

After this, the S Pen will get reset and then it will get reconnected. This may take some time.

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Solution 6: Enable “Keep S Pen Connected” Feature

This is another workaround to get rid of the issue.

You can enable the “Keep S pen connected” option to keep it always connected.

This will keep it connected even if you remove it from the device.

Here follow steps to enable the feature:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > More S Pen Settings.
  • Now simply toggle the button to ON position next to Keep S pen connected option.

Enable “Keep S Pen Connected” option on Samsung

By turning on this feature, you will remove the process of reconnecting your S pen every time you take it out from the device.

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Solution 7: Contact Samsung Support

If still your problem exists then contact Samsung support and elaborate your issue to them.

They will give more appropriate solutions as per your problem and help you in the right direction for fixing the issue.

Wrap Up

This issue has affected the major users and it has interrupted their daily work on their Galaxy S23, S23 Plus or S23 Ultra smartphone.

I hope the company will respond to the issue quickly and fix the issue in the coming software updates.

In the meantime, you can follow the solutions mentioned in the post and I hope these workarounds will definitely work for you in fixing the S Pen keeps disconnecting on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23/S23 Plus.

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