Microphone Not Working On Snapchat? Here How To Fix!

10 Solutions To Solve Snapchat Microphone Not Working

Learn Solutions To Fix Snapchat Microphone Not Working On Android and iPhone!

I have done some research and I have found on several community and forum sites that there are many Snapchat users reporting that the device microphone is not working on Snapchat.

Hence, I have decided to write an article on this topic that will help you to fix microphone not working on Snapchat on Android and iPhone.

So, let’s begin with a few real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: Snapchat Mic Is Not Working On OnePlus Phone

Snapchat mic issue

I’m facing a problem which is after i record a snap the sound of the video is too low and i think this is because of the mic

Source: OnePlus Community

Practical Scenario 2: Microphone Not Working With Snapchat On iPhone

microphone not working with snapchat and phone

for some reason the microphone on my iphone won’t work with snapchat or phone or voice recording, but works perfectly when i record a video on my camera application. does anyone know why?

Source: Reddit

I have only mentioned two examples, but there are many users out there experiencing the same problem.

But nevertheless, just go through the solutions one by one mentioned in this article and I hope your problem will get fixed.

If you are Android users go for Android solutions and if you are an iPhone user then go for iPhone solutions.

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How To Fix Snapchat Microphone Not Working On Android & iPhone

Solution 1: Make Sure Microphone/Media Volume Is At Highest

Please check the volume settings. Many users overlook the phone’s main fundamental feature. Keeping all this in mind, you must first check the silent mode on your device.

Go to your smartphone’s volume settings and check that microphone slider is set to maximum volume.

Besides that make sure that the media volume is also set to maximum.

Many users reported that there is correlation between the Snapchat’s media volume and recording volume.

So, make sure both microphone and media volume is set to their highest level.

Solution 2: Make Sure That No Third-Party Apps Is Interfering

If you suspect or notice that another app is interfering with Snapchat’s capability to use mic on your device, then you must first close that app and then retry Snapchat.

For example, if you are using Snapchat for recording video, snaps, and at the same time you have an app like voice recordings/AlwaysIpodPlay playing music running in the background can lead to the microphone issues.

Hence, to avoid interference from other apps from running into Snapchat, you must close all such apps that are running and restart only Snapchat and retry.

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Solution 3: Disable Silent Mode

If silent mode is enabled on your Android or iPhone, then all sound on your device gets muted.

Many users have suggested that turning off the silent mode and turning on the mic volume and media volume have helped to fix snapchat microphone muffled and not working issue.

On Android

In order to disable silent mode on Android, simply swipe down from the Home Screen to bring up the notification panel and tap on “Mute (Bell icon)”, unless you see a bell without a line crossing it and no Blue Color.

On the other hand, go to Settings> Sound and make sure all sound slider is set to the highest level.

Disable Silent Mode On Android

On iPhone

To disable silent mode on iPhone, simply swipe up on the Home Screen to bring up the Control Center. Tap on “Bell” icon and make sure no red diagonal line is on it.

Disable Silent Mode On iPhone

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Solution 4: Allow Microphone Permission For Snapchat App

If microphone permission is not granted for Snapchat app, then it is obvious that microphone will not work.

This applies to Android and iOS users, where users have control over specific apps and permission to use certain features.

Hence, you must check the Snapchat microphone permission and make sure you have allowed it.

Steps To Allow Microphone Permission For Snapchat On Android

  • On Android phone, go to Settings> Apps> All Apps.
  • Scroll down and look for Snapchat and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Permission” and then on “Microphone” and make sure to allow Snapchat app to access microphone permission.

Microphone App Permission Settings For Snapchat On Android

Steps To Allow Microphone Permission For Snapchat On iPhone

  • On your iOS device (iPhone), go to Settings. Scroll down and look for Snapchat and tap on it.
  • From the app interface, look for the Microphone option and drag the switch to ON.

Microphone App Permission Settings For Snapchat On iPhone

Alternatively, go to Privacy in the Settings, tap on Microphone and ensure that you have allowed the permission for Snapchat app to use microphone.

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Solution 5: Restart Your Phone

You believe or not, most of the problems get solved by simply restarting the phone.

So, reboot your device and see if it fixes the issue.

For Android Users

  • Press and hold Power button, until the Restart option appears on your phone’s screen.
  • Simply select “Restart” option and wait until the phone switch off and restart.

For iPhone Users

  • Press and hold Side or Top button, until the Power Off slider appears on the phone’s screen.
  • Simply, drag the slider to switch off the device.
  • Now again and press and hold the Side and Top button to switch ON the phone.

Solution 6: Restart The App

This is another simple fix that can help you to solve the microphone not working on Snapchat.

So, it is suggested that you must restart your Snapchat app to fix the issue.

Solution 7: Update Snapchat App

Updating the app also fixes various problems, because it brings new features, fixes bugs, etc.

So, if there is any update available, then you must immediately update it.

iPhone users can check for update in Apple Store and Android users can check update in Play Store. If there is any update available, then simply install the Update.

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Solution 8: Uninstall and Re-Install The App

Another option that you must go for is to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

It could be possible that files of Snapchat app might got corrupted. And uninstalling will help to delete the app’s settings and remove away all the potential bugs that might cause a mic issue.

On Android phone, tap and hold down the Snapchat on the Home Screen, unless Uninstall option appears and then tap on it. Alternatively, go to Settings> Apps> Snapchat and then tap on “Uninstall”. Thereafter, open Google Play Store and reinstall Snapchat.

On iOS device (iPhone), tap and hold Snapchat icon, unless ‘X’ option appears. Simply, tap on ‘X” to delete the app. Thereafter, open the Apple Store and reinstall the Snapchat.

Solution 9: Clean Up The Microphone

It could be possible that the problem is with the Microphone itself. After long usage of the device, dust and grime get built up in your device’s mic port hole. Hence, it can make Snapchat microphone not to work properly and it might interfere with app’s sound input.

So, try to clean your phone’s microphone. Use cotton swab or an air compressor to pull out the dirt. Once, cleaning done, check for the mic levels by recording anything. This might fix your problems in many cases.

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Solution 10: Report Problem To Snapchat Support

Let me tell you that the app go through the minor updates which fixes some bugs, but also gives rise to new ones.

Unluckily, most of the time this doesn’t comes with disclaimers from the app developers that inform users of potential problems.

It is possible that the new update has caused the issue with microphone feature on some phone and OS versions.

In this case, you can report the problem to Snapchat. You can send a ticket to the app developers. To report problem, open Snapchat and go to Settings, scroll down and press “I spotted a Bug” or “Shake to report”.

Report the problem to Snapchat

Or you can use the Snapchat support page. Fill out the form and inform them of your problem. Provide the issue with detailed information within the allotted word count.

Wrap Up

Microphone issues on Snapchat are widespread, but at the same time, it is also relatively very easy to fix.

Hopefully, the mentioned solutions in this post will definitely help you to fix microphone not working on Snapchat and you can hear sound in Snapchat.

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