Bubbles At The Fold In Screen On Galaxy Fold 4/3/2 – Things To Do!

How To Remove Bubbles Near InThe Middle of The Screen On Galaxy Fold Phone

For several Galaxy Fold users, it doesn’t matter whether they are using Fold 4, 3 or 2. They are complaining that bubbles started to occur on the screen at the fold/crease after the extended use of Flex Mode.

Many users have been reporting on different community and forum sites that there are bubbles under the screen protector in the middle of the screen.

For example, just check out the real user’s practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Z Fold Have Bubbles In The Middle Of The Phone

ZFold bubbles

I have 2/3 bubbles right in the middle of my z Fold only bought in September

Source: Samsung Community

Practical Scenario 2: Bubbles Around The Hinge On Z Fold 3

Anyone else have similar bubbles around the hinge on Z Fold 3? Should I be worried?

Bubbles Around The Hinge On Z Fold 3

Source: Reddit

Those were just two examples, but there are many users out there encountering the same issue.

So, why do bubbles occur? What could be the reasons?

Well, find out below by yourself!

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Reasons: Why Bubbles Occur On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Phone?

There is a simple cause for the occurrence of bubbles on Galaxy Z Fold – the repeated actions of folding and unfolding for numerous times might lead to a gap and hence it allows air to pass through which can cause bubbles on phone’s screen.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that you must use your Fold with a protector attached.

Important Note: The issue is related to Screen Protector and not the screen itself. So, don’t worry as the screen of your phone is not damaged.

So, now the big question is – What you should do to get rid of bubbles on Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Well, read the article to find it out!

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Things To Do To Get Rid Of Bubbles On Samsung Galaxy Fold

1. Replace The Screen Protector

After doing a lot of research, we have come to the conclusion that Samsung has suggested that you must replace the screen protector guard.

And thereby, the bubbles will disappear.

And you must replace the screen protector from the authorized Samsung service center.

Also note that after a few months of usage, you may again see the bubbles occurring and you may need to again replace the screen protector.

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2. Remove The Screen Protector

This is another simple thing that you can do. Remove or peel off the screen protector and use your phone without it.

Thereafter, you will not see any bubbles and you will not have any problems.

Many users have encountered this problem and thereafter they have removed the (inner) screen protector and they are using their Fold without any bubbles.

Wrap Up

It is really annoying and frustrating when you pay a higher price for such a foldable phone and after a few months of use, you see bubbles on your Galaxy Fold phone’s screen.

Anyway, I have already mentioned what you should do when you see bubbles at the fold in screen on Samsung Galaxy Fold 4/3/2.

I hope you found this article helpful and useful.