How To Fix Front Camera Not Working On Android

Solved Front Facing Camera Not Working In Android

Learn To Troubleshoot And Fix Front Facing Camera Not Working On Android By Yourself!

In today’s world, portable Android mobile phones are fabricated with a built-in high-resolution Camera which is capable of capturing photographs in high quality. From being a go-to device for everyday stuff to a companion for weekend getaways, Android phones are handy everywhere. And encountering issues with your front Camera can absolutely leave you feeling devastated.

In case you are wondering why is my front Camera not working on my Android phone, this is the right place you have reached. Here, try out the solutions provided in the following steps and help yourself fix the issue.

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Let’s us check out the real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario 1: A User Phone’s Not Displaying Front Camera Option

There is no front camera option in my camera app

The front camera option disappeared in my camera app. The back camera is only working and the front camera switcher or the selfie switcher not appear here.

Source: Android Help

Practical Scenario 2: A User Front Facing Camera Not Working

Front Facing Camera Not Working

Hi everyone! Need some help here. Recently my front facing camera doesn’t work. I already went into apps, and cleared the camera settings. Tried the camera, clicked on the switch and it took me back to the home screen. I tried to find other help on this board but the clearing sounded like it would work, but it doesn’t for me. Any suggestions what else I could do? Do you suggest factory reset? If I do, do I need to go into a VZW store?

Source: Android Central Forums

That was two example. Now Let’s move to the solutions section!

Note: The below-mentioned solutions is applicable to Samsung, LG, Xiaomi Redmi, Motorola, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Google Pixel, Huawei, Micromax, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Panasonic, Asus, Nokia, Meizu, OnePlus, Videocon, Realme and other several Android phones.

You should ensure to free storage space and RAM storage before performing any of the solutions mentioned below as these can help you fix the issue quickly in case of a minor error.

So, lets find out how to fix front facing camera not working and how to activate it on Android?

Video Tutorial: Fix Front Camera Not Working On Android

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Solution 1 – Restart Device

You can try restarting your Android device if your front Camera not working on Android as it eliminates the technical errors occurred in the system. Several times, your mobile phone’s RAM may consume more space because of applications running in the background. In such a case, a hard system reboot may fix the issue.

Restart Your Android

Solution 2 – Force Stop Camera Application

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option from your mobile’s home screen.
  • Navigate to ‘Apps or Manage apps’ option.

Open Application Manager On Android

  • Locate the Camera application from the list of apps and tap on ‘Force stop’.

Froce Stop Camera App

  • Try to reboot your smartphone quickly to eliminate any software issues from the Camera.

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Solution 3 – Clearing Cache and Data Of Camera App

It is to note that performing this step may result in losing important data related to the application, such as account information, app preference, etc. So, make sure to create a backup before going for this.

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and open the option named ‘App /app manager’.

Open Application Manager On Android

  • Scroll through the list and find the Camera app.

Open Camera App From Application Manager

  • Tap on the ‘Clear cache’ option followed by ‘clear data’ option.

Clear Data And Clear Cache Of Camera App

  • Quickly reboot your smartphone and check whether it’s working or not.

Solution 4 – Reset Camera Settings

Reset the camera settings as it fixes the problem on most of the cases and hence it is worth a try.

Below, follow the steps to do so:

  • Open ‘Camera’ app on your phone.
  • Go to “Settings” by simply tapping on the circular gear icon.

Open Camera Settings

  • Now find out the “Reset Settings” option and tap on it.

Reset Camera Settings

Once it is done, close the app, go to Home screen and re-start it to check problem is solved or not.

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Solution 5 – Resetting App Preferences

  • Open ‘Settings’ menu on your device either from Home or from the app drawer.
  • Tap and go to the ‘Apps or App manager’ option.
  • Choose all options and click on the menu option residing on the top right corner of your device.
  • Tap on ‘Reset app preferences’ to reset settings for all applications.

Reset App Preferences on Android

This should fix front facing Camera not working error in Android.

Solution 6 – Clearing Google Services Framework Cache

You can find Google Services Framework option from the ‘Settings’ option where your mobile’s data is synced and stored. Therefore, clearing its cache may help you fix your ‘There is no front Camera option in my Camera app’ error.

  • Open ‘Settings’ menu from your device and tap on ‘Application manager’ to proceed.
  • Choose all apps and tap ‘Google Services Framework’ option.
  • Click ‘Force stop’ option followed by clicking on the ‘Clear cache’ option.

Clear Google Service Framework

  • Make sure to perform a quick reboot post performing above steps.

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Solution 7 – Choose To Enter Safe Mode

In case you are still not able to fix the issue using the above steps, you can try entering into safe mode so that you can disable the third party installed apps from your Android device.

  • Keep pressing the power button unless you receive a popup asking you to grant permission for entering into safe mode.
  • You can choose to enter into safe mode by tapping ‘OK’.

Reboot Android In Safe Mode

  • Try opening Camera and see if it is working. If not, try uninstalling applications which have permissions granted to use the app. For instance, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Make sure to check the app each time whether is working or not when you uninstall an app.
  • If the conflict was because of one of the third party application, you would be able to fix it in the safe mode.

Solution 8 – Uninstall/Install Third Party Camera Applications

There is a possibility that your mobile apps aren’t working because you have installed a third-party app from an unreliable source. In such cases, uninstalling them may solve the issue as they may have incurred some changes to the basic Camera file. Alternatively, you can also try and install third party applications from reliable sources and see if that fixes your issue.

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Solution 9 – How To Fix Front Camera Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Via Android Repair

If you are using Samsung Galaxy and happen to face this issue of failed to load Camera or not opening or not working‘ on Samsung, then you can try the above solutions and see if the error persists. Or, you can choose to use Android Repair Tool to fix the issue quickly, if the issue is occurring due to Android OS problems.

The Android Repair software fixes several problems such as Apps stopped working, Apps keep crashing, stuck in bootloop, Play store not working, black screen of death, Android system UI not working and so on.

With its quick-to-use feature and single-click operation, you will be able to solve the issue within minutes.

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Steps To Fix Front Camera Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Via Android Repair

Step 1: Connect Your Android To PC

First download and install Android Repair on your computer and launch it.

Next, select the “Repair” from the available options.

Now connect your Android phone or tablet to computer and select “Android Repair” among the available options.

In next Window, select the correct brand name, model number, country/region, carrier. After that confirm the warning message and click “Next”.

The Android Repair software may delete all data on your device. Simply, type in “000000” to confirm to continue.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you must back up your Android data before repairing your Android using Android Repair Tool.

Step 2: Repair Android Phone In Download Mode

Prior to Android Repair, it is important that you must boot your Android device in Download Mode.

Below follow the steps to boot Android phone/tablet in DFU mode!

For Android phone/tablet with home button:

  • Power off your device.
  • Press and hold “Home + Power + Volume Down” button for few seconds (5-10 seconds).
  • Release all the buttons and press “Volume Up” button to enter Download Mode.

For Android phone/tablet with no home button:

  • Power off your device.
  • Press and hold “Power + Volume Down + Bixby” buttons for few seconds (for 5-10 seconds).
  • Release all the buttons and press “Volume Up” button to enter Download Mode.

After that click “Next”. The software will start to download the firmware.

After the download and verification of the firmware, the software will automatically start to repair your Android device.

In just few minutes of time, your Android phone or tablet will have all the system issues, errors, problems fixed.

Wrap Up

I hope from the above-mentioned solution in the post had helped you in troubleshooting and getting rid of Android front facing camera not working problems.

Utilize the solutions given in the post as per your convenience and get rid of this Camera not opening or not working’ issue within a few minutes because clicking photos can’t wait. As per the expert I would recommend you to try Android Repair [mentioned in Solution 9] if there is any issue in Android system due to which you are getting this problem.

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