What Is Bixby Routines & How To Use It On Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy Bixby Routines Guide

Overview: There are many Samsung users who want to know about the Bixby routine and its uses. If you want to know the same then you have landed on the right web page. This guide will summarize what is Bixby routines and how to use them on Samsung phone.

So, let’s get started…

What Is Bixby Routines On Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Bixby Routines is a feature supported by machine learning to adapt to your life, advising methods to make your device time more streamlined. The automated actions are triggered by context clues – time, location, or event.

For example, when you connect your Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra/S20+/Z Flip to the Bluetooth in your car then Bixby Routines can do lots of settings and applications such as launching the music app, pulling up the Maps app, and keeping your device unlocked so that you can access it easily to make accessibility while driving.

If you mistakenly fall asleep and your smartphone is plugged into charger then it will turn off irrelevant services to save the battery life.

You can also make a custom routine with My Routines that handle specific needs. It is enabled by default. But if you wish to make changes to your routine or make a custom one then you can do this by going to Settings menu. Here, you can customize, view, or choose present ones from the Recommended tab.

Bixby Routines Driving routine only supported in cars with Bluetooth feature.

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How To Set Up Bixby Routines And Use It On Samsung Phone

Once you know about Bixby Routines, it is the time to know how to set up it on Galaxy device. So, let us start learning all the important things about it.

Note: Bixby Routine is not available in low range Galaxy smartphone, but if you are a premium Galaxy device user then you can do various things.

How To Turn On/Turn Off Bixby Routines On Samsung Phone

It is very easy to setup Bixby assistance on Samsung phone, but first you need to know how to how to enable or disable it.

So, let’s first know the steps to do so:

Step 1: On your Samsung phone open the Settings app.

Step 2: Select Advance Feature.

Step 3: Now, you can toggle on/toggle off the Bixby Routines.

How To Create A Custom Bixby Routine On Samsung

You can effectively create a custom Bixby routines on Samsung phone.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced features.
  • Turn on Bixby Routines and the hit the same menu.
  • Now, tap Add routine menu in your Bixby application. From here, set a routine based on If-Then commands.
  • Firstly, you need to hit the If panel to set what routine it will trigger. You can also manually set it, for this, you need to tap on start button or Bixby Routines widget in the app. Choose an option and hit Done.
  • After this, hit the Then panel to set what you wish this routine to do once triggered. You can select from different actions and create long or short a sequence that you wish. Choose an option and hit Done.
  • Then hit Next in Add routine page. Set a name and then choose colour and an icon. Lastly, tap on Done to confirm it.

When the routine ends (manual or automatic), all these actions will get reversed and you can go back and use your Samsung device as usual.

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Examples: Different Bixby Routines

To use different routines you need set different settings. Here, we will see some examples to use the Bixby Routines. Remember that when you enter an “If” command to set a routine, you can find few suggested “Then” actions that could be useful to you.

When You Are Going Out

If you are going out for vacation, party, or for any other thing then before going out you can set the Bixby Routine for that.

Here, follow the steps:

Step 1: Hit the If panel and choose Place.

Step 2: Enable your device location so that it can recognize the exact location, set the radius going beyond that, the routine should trigger. Hit When I leave and the tap Done.

Step 3: Next, hit the Then panel and change the following settings:

  • Sounds and vibration: Enable Dolby Atmos
  • Connections: Enable cellular data and Bluetooth (if you are using wireless earbuds).
  • Display: Disable Dark mode
  • Music: Play Spotify playlists

Note: If the location is enabled then only location-based routines can trigger automatically. If you don’t wish to keep the location enabled all the time then you can set the routine to begin manually and later turn on location.

For Sleeping

When you are going to sleep then you can set the routine for this.

Below follow the steps:

Step 1: Hit the If panel and choose Time period > Sunset until next day sunrise or you can set a custom time.

Step 2: Choose the days until then you want to repeat this routine and then hit Done.

Step 3: Hit the Then panel and use the given settings:

  • If you leave your phone for charging while sleeping then enable Protect battery in Battery.
  • Choose sound mode to silent in Sounds and vibration.
  • Set display brightness to 0%.
  • In Notifications disable Do not disturb.
  • Disable Location in Location.
  • In Accessibility disable Extra dim.

While Driving

Before driving you can set the routine, below learn how to set it:

Step 1: Hit the If panel and choose Start manually.

Step 2: After this, hit the Then panel and use the below settings:

  • Enable Read notification aloud in Notifications.
  • In Connections enable cellular data.
  • Enable Location in Location.
  • In Lock screen enable Always On Display and you phone should be unlocked.
  • Play the Spotify playlists in Music.
  • In Apps, hit do an app action or Open an app, search for “Maps” and choose Home/Work.
  • Enable Decline call and send a quick message in Functions.

When You Are Reading

If you have decided to read then here learn how to set the routing for this:

Step 1: Hit the If panel and choose App opened.

Step 2: Now, you can choose the reading apps that you use for reading like Google Play Books or Amazon Kindle.

Step 3: Hit the Then panel and use the given settings:

  • Enable Eye comfort shield, maximise screen timeout and font size in Display.
  • If you have decided to read at night then enable Extra dim in Accessibility.
  • Enable Do not disturb in Notifications.

Read Notification Aloud While Charging

If you keep your device in charging and want to avoid loud notifications at night then you can effectively do this by setting a particular time window for when your Bixby routine should be active.

Keep Phone Screen Awake For Particular Applications

If you wish to keep some apps awake for a longer time period so that you can easily access it. You can need it while using apps like YouTube for making drawing or anything and while doing this you need to pause the videos. In this moment you need to keep the screen awake for a longer time period.

It is not good for battery health to permanently set the phone screen time to 5-10 minutes. You can use the Bixby routine to make the screen timeout adjustment for particular apps and provide you more control on it. You can set specific apps to remain awake for longer time and add other settings for the routine to work, like when connected to home Wi-Fi, etc.

Like this, you can predefined specific apps to run at particular resolution and refresh rate (60Hz or 120Hz) or specific brightness levels.

Automate Audio Profile For Work

You can automatically set the smartphone’s sound profile according to your location in Bixby Routine. For example, you can add the routine that can work while your device gets connected Wi-Fi for your office and dials the system volume, media volume and ringtone to pre-specified levels automatically.

In the below image, you can also set the mobile to silent mode completely. Like this, you can add the routine to increase the audio when you are at home or at particular time of the day.

Set Up Bixby Routines For Automate Audio Profile For Work

Move To Cellular Data

You can set the routine to automatically switch to cellular data when the Wi-Fi signal decreases to less than two bars suddenly when you move far away from the router. This will help you to get consistent connectivity without disabling the Wi-Fi and then enabling mobile data every time.

Set Sound Profile For Multiple Bluetooth Devices

You can particularly set the Bluetooth profiles for multiple Bluetooth devices like home theatre, ear buds, speaker, etc. that is connected to your phone. If you want everything perfect in your audio needs, then this might help you.

Night Battery Saver Routine

You can set a Night Battery Saver routine that will move to Medium Power Saving at specific hours of the night, mostly when your device power mode is set on High Performance all over the day and you do not wish to depend on Adaptive power saving.

Or you can make an alternative night Lock Screen with various shortcuts in place of Camera and Phone. Reminders and clock are the most used shortcut apps for most of the users but you can set the shortcuts of the app according to your choice.

Map Hardware Buttons For Particular Work

You can open particular apps by “double pressing” and “pressing and holding” action on Volume Down, Volume Up or Power key. You can also use these buttons to switch on lights in your home, start smart TV, etc. You need to simply choose the button action in the “If” section and set the preferred action to the keys.

Lightning Effect

You can use the Bixby Routines to add special light effects for SMS and incoming calls from certain contacts. You will find different light effects such as Echo and Spotlight, multicolour edge glow on OneUI that will take your attention and it will be very useful when your handset is kept in your work desk in mute.

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How To Turn On A Suggested Routine

After 15 or 16 days of learning, Bixby can begin suggesting some suitable routines for you.

  • You will get a prompt on the Home screen, asking if you wish to begin a new routine. Simply hit on the prompt.
  • This will lead you to the destination page, here you will find a list of your “Recommended” routine.
  • Hit on your recommended routine.
  • If needed, you can see again and modify the settings, then hit on “Save routine”.
  • It will be saved and you will see it in “My Routine” tab at the bottom left side of the screen.

Change Bixby Routine On Galaxy Phone

Sometimes users don’t like the settings that have set previously and wanted to change it.

If you also want to change your routine then follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advance Features > Bixby Routines > My Routines.
  2. Choose the routine that you want to edit and select “Edit” option.

How To Use Preset Routine On Samsung Phone

If you want to know how you can use the preset routine on your Samsung Galaxy mobile then follow the below steps for  it:

  • Scroll down the notification panel and swipe it to the left.
  • Now, hit the “Bixby Routines” below the icon.
  • Next, tap on “Details”.
  • Hit the “Recommended” tab and from the preset list, choose one of the routines.
  • Set the “If” and “Then” panel as per your need.
  • Hit “Save routine”.
  • It will be saved and you will get it under “My routines” tab.

How To Delete Bixby Routines

If you wish to delete old routine then you can easily do this. Here, learn the steps to do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Advance Features > Bixby Routines > My Routines.
  • Select one settings and then tap on Three-Dot Symbol > Delete.

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How To Play Or Run Bixby Routine

When you have created the routine and wanted to play or run it but don’t know how do this. You need to simply run it manually and add the Widget. Then on the Widget select Start.

How To Enable Disabled Bixby Routines

If you have previously saved some routines and you disabled it but now you want to again turn it on. For this you need to just enable them again from settings by going to My Routines > choose the desired one and then toggle it on.

How To Disable Routine On Samsung Phone

If you get bored with the routine and wanted to turn it off then simply follow the below steps to turn it off particularly:

  1. Run Bixby Routines and then hit on My routine
  2. Now, look for the routine that you wish to disable and tap on it. For instance, Do not disturb.
  3. Hit the 3 dots or More
  4. After this, tap on Disable this routine and then hit Disable. You can turn on the disabled routine again whenever you want.

Note: If you select to view Routine notifications on the Lock screen then you can hit on Stop to end it. Or you can disable/enable it from My routine tab. This service may differ by phone to phone model. You can find the device screenshots and menus different as they vary from OS version and device model.

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How To Create A Macro In Samsung Phone

Bixby is not a powerful service to use single app, it means that you can’t set routine in Bixby for individual app. For example, you wish to play music on Spotify but it needs various taps to reach the main screen. To avoid those taps, you can use Macros which consists of several steps or touch actions that you can do consistently to go to the desired screen.

To set up it, you need to set up the Macros similarly that you have done on Bixby Routine. After this, it will do the work to launch the chosen screen automatically.

Note: To use this Marco service on Galaxy device, you need to download and install Good Lock App.

Here, follow the steps to do this:

  • Head to the Good Lock App and take the similar Routine + Module.
  • After this, build a Marco Routines > Routines+ situated in Then Condition > Touch Marco.
  • Now built unpacked Macro by selecting Add. Choose the desired app that you want to create Marco.
  • This will feature a Marco Recording Toolbar. Hit Record to start recording touches.
  • Finally, select Save Option.

Related Bixby Routines Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1 – How Can I Customize Existing Bixby Routines?

Answer – If you want to customize the exiting routine for battery life or other reasons that have saved previously then, below follow the steps to learn how to do this:

  1. Go to Settings > Advance Features > Bixby Routines.
  2. On next screen, you will find the Suggested Routines that is beneficial for the working of your phone. Select a Routine to view or customize.
  3. Under the If Section you will get conditions and under Then section you will get action. Select the Routine Name to modify Colour, Name, or Icon.
  4. After this, choose Save.

Or, if you want to change an existing routine then select Edit Option. Choose either Condition or Action that you want to customize and then select a new content. To remove any Action or Condition you need to choose Icon situated beside the content and then tap Next.

Question 2 – Is Bixby Routines Is Good?

Answer – Yes, it is good. It is an automation feature that you get preinstalled on Samsung phone. It is most useful feature on Galaxy device and help you to do the various things quickly.

Question 3 – How To Fix Touch Marco Not Working?

Answer – To fix it, you need to set up the Macro with Bixby Routine rather than going to the Google Lock App Routine+ Module. It has helped many used to fix this issue.

Question 4 – What Is The Use Of Bixby Routine?

Answer – Bixby routine is used for use various feature when they need. They can also disable and edit it whenever they want using Bixby Routine Settings.

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Question 5 – How To Fix Bixby Routine Not Working On Samsung?

Answer – To fix the it you need to check if your phone’s Bixby Routine is enabled and also check your Android OS version. If both methods failed then contact Samsung Support Team.

Question 6 – Can I Use Bixby To Turn On Light?

Answer – Yes, you can use it to turn on light. For this you need to use a combination of Bixby Voice and SmartThings. With this, you can change Light Colours, enable and disable Light and many more things.

Question 7 – How Can You Differentiate Between Bixby And Google Assistant?

Answer – Both Bixby and Google Assistant is used for some purpose. Bixby is only used in Samsung devices whereas Google Assistant can be used in anything like Android, iOS, Chrome, etc.

Question 8 – How To Fix Bixby Routine Not Working After The Update?

Answer – Bixby routine stop working on your phone due to some reason like corrupted file that come to your phone with the latest update or if there is something wrong it the Bixby Routine Settings. If it is causing due to corrupted files then you need to wait till the issue gets solved by its own.

Or if it is causing due to wrong settings then set it again from the scratch and then check it is working fine or not.

Question 9 – Does Bixby Routines Drain Battery?

Answer – Yes, Bixby Routine drains battery but the amount it very little.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best settings on Bixby Routines that you can use on your Samsung phone. I hope this is able to clear what is Bixby Routine and how to use it on Samsung phone. So, simply go through the different settings to make your schedule more comfort.

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