How To Fix “Invite Collaborator” Not Showing on Instagram

SOLVED Invite Collaborator Not Showing On Instagram

Instagram collaboration feature was introduced in 2021. It is a must-have add-on feature for users who share reels and share the story with family and friends.

This feature allows users to co-author content with other Instagram accounts. It helps two users upload the same content/post to their Reels and feeds to expand the reach.

But what if “Invite Collaborator” feature not showing or not working for your Instagram account?

Well, in this guide, you are going to find solutions that will help you to fix Invite Collaborator on Instagram not showing.

Why “Invite Collaborator” Feature On Instagram Not Showing?

There could be several reasons for “Invite Collaborator” feature to be not shown on Instagram.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Your account is private and you have not allowed others to tag you.
  • Maybe you are not having business account.
  • If you have business account, but your profile is not complete such as adding name, website, inviting your friends, following others. After you complete this, you have to wait for 48 hours.
  • It could be also possible the server status of Instagram is down. In such case, you have to wait for the server to be up.

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How To Fix Invite Collaborator On Instagram Not Showing Up

These are some effective fixes that you must follow to fix Invite Collaborator not showing up on Instagram.

Switch your account to a business account.

Make your account public, if it is private.

Make sure you allow tagging from everyone, if you have prevented others from tagging you.

And in Privacy Settings, you need to toggle OFF “Manually Approve Tags”.

Update your Instagram app.

Report problem to Instagram support.

Solution #1: Switch Your Account To Business Account And Wait For 48 Hours

  • On your Instagram app go to Profile > Menu.
  • Tap on Settings > Account > Switch account type > Switch to business account. Simply follow the on-screen steps to switch to a business account.
  • Complete your profile. Give a name and add a website. Follow some users and invite your friends.
  • Now, just wait for 48 hours and you will then see “Invite Collaborator” option available there.

Switch To Business Account On Instagram

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Solution #2: Set Your Account From Private To Public

If your account is private, then you will not be able to use the collab feature, you need to set your account to Public.

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Go to Profile > Menu > Settings.
  • Now tap on Privacy and toggle off the button next to “Private account” to make it public.

Set Instagram Account To Public

After this check if you are able to use the collab feature. You should be now able to invite someone to collaborate with after making your Instagram account public.

Tip: After setting up your account to public, if “Invite Collaborator” option does not appear, then log out and log in to your Instagram account and then check.

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Solution #3: Allow Tags From Everyone

If you have set “Allow tags from” to “No One” or only for “People You Follow”, then you need to change the settings and set it to “Everyone”. And also turn off “Manually Approve Tags”.

  • Open Instagram app.
  • Go to Profile > Menu > Settings.
  • Tap on Privacy > Posts.
  • Now, set “Allow Tags From” to “Everyone”.
  • And turn OFF “Manually Approve Tags”.

Allow Tags From Everyone On Instagram and Turn OFF Manually Approve Tags

After this, other users can easily tag you on Instagram and you can collab with them.

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Solution #4: Update Instagram App

It could be possible that your Instagram app is not up-to-date and hence ‘Invite Collaborator’ option is not shown to you.

So, please check if any new update is available for your Instagram or not.

  • Go to Play Store (for Android) or go to App Store (for iOS/iPhone).
  • Type “Instagram” in the search box.
  • Now, see if any update is available or not.
  • If available, then tap on “Update” button.

Update Instagram App

After this launch the app and see if you can see ‘Invite Collaborator’ option.

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Solution #5: Report Problem To Support Team

If still your Instagram app is not showing “Invite Collaborator” option, then it is high time to contact the support team.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to Profile > Settings > Help.
  • Tap on “Report a Problem” and then explain your issue. If you have screenshots, you can attach them and finally tap on “Submit” button.

Report A Problem To Instagram

Now, wait for a response from the support team and their instruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related Instagram Collaborator [FAQs]

Question 1: How To Add Collaborator On Instagram?

Answer 1: You can add a collaborator while posting a post or uploading a Reel on Instagram. You will see the option “Invite Collaborator” option simply tap on it and simply invite other users.

Do note that you have the option to add collaborator before publishing a post. After publishing a post, there is no way to invite collaborator.

Question 2: Where I Can Find Invite Collaborator Feature On Instagram?

Answer 2: While posting a post or reel on Instagram, you will see the option ‘Invite Collaboration’ option. Simply tap on it to invite collaborators.

Wrap Up

Invite Collaborator is a beneficial feature as it helps you expand your reach. But when this feature doesn’t show up in your Instagram account, then you can’t invite the collaborators.

But I hope the solutions mentioned in this guide have helped you in fixing the problem of Invite Collaborator option not showing.

If you have found this guide helpful, then please share it as it can help other users.

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