How To Fix Link Is Not Clickable In WhatsApp

How To Fix Links Not Clickable In WhatsApp

Are links are not clickable on your WhatsApp messages or groups?

This could be very frustrating, particularly when you need to open a specific URL that is sent in a group or chat via WhatsApp.

In this article, you are going to learn how to fix links that are not clickable in WhatsApp.

Why The Links In WhatsApp Messages Aren’t Clickable?

Links in WhatsApp are not clickable if someone has sent you the link in the message for the first time.

In order to make the links clickable, you have to either reply to the message or save their contact (phone number) on your phone.

This is by default as a security measure to curb spam messages, implemented by WhatsApp.

Once the user responds to your message or adds your phone number to their contact list, the links in the message/chat will then become clickable.

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How To Fix Links Is Not Clickable In WhatsApp?

Here are some of the working solutions that will help you to make unclickable links to clickable.

Solution 1: Save The Contact To Your Contact List

If you have received the link from an unknown person or from someone whose contact number is not saved in your contact list, then you have to save their contact in your device.

After saving the contacts, the unclickable link which was appearing as plain text will become clickable.

  • To save contact, open WhatsApp and go to their chat.
  • If you see the option to save the number, tap on it and then tap on “Create a new contact”. Or else tap on 3 dots icon at the top.
  • Tap on “Add to contacts” and save it to your contact list.

Save Contacts From WhatsApp

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Solution 2: Reply To Their Message

If you don’t like to save the sender’s contact to your contact list, even then also you can convert their unclickable links to clickable ones without saving their contact.

You have to just simply reply to their message and wait for a few seconds. Or close and reopen the app and the link will become clickable after replying.

Solution 3: Restart WhatsApp and Your Phone

If the sender’s phone number is already saved in your contact list and the link is still unclickable or the link is not getting clickable even after saving the sender’s contact, then there could be some bugs or glitches.

In such a case, you can restart your WhatsApp and your device.

Restart WhatsApp

Close the WhatsApp and remove it from the background apps. After some time, open it and see if the link has become clickable or not.

Restart Your Device

On Android: Press and hold Power button. From the appeared Menu, tap on “Restart” option.

On iPhone: Press and hold Sleep/Wake button. When Power Off slider appears, then simply drag the slider from left to right to shut down the device. Now, again press and hold Sleep/Wake button to restart iPhone. When Apple logo appears, release the Sleep/Wake button.

Tip: If the issue still persists, then ask the sender if the link is valid or not. If it is valid then ask them to resend the link.

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Bonus Tip: Copy and Paste The Link Manually

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you and you want to see what’s in the link, then try to manually copy and paste the link.

  • Open the chat in which you have received the link and tap on the link message for a few seconds.
  • Tap on “Copy” icon. If you are not seeing it, then tap on 3 Dot and then tap on “Copy”. The link will get copied.
  • Now, open any web browser (e.g. Chrome) and paste the link in the address bar and tap enter/search.
  • That’s It! The link will open.

Copy Link Manually From WhatsApp

Wrap Up

So, that’s all about why links aren’t clickable in WhatsApp and how to make unclickable links to clickable.

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