How To Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Oppo Reno

Oppo Reno Data Recovery

Retrieve Lost or Deleted Data Like Photos, Videos, Audios, Contacts, SMS And More From Oppo Reno Smartphone!

Overview: Data loss has become a common problem on any Android phone. People usually lost their valuable data from their smartphones due to several circumstances. If you are using Oppo Reno phone and you have lost or accidentally deleted data from your phone, then you don’t have to worry about it! As, in this tutorial you will learn the 4 easy solutions to recover deleted/lost/erased data from Oppo Reno smartphone. So, just go through solutions!

Expert Tip: The best ways to retrieve lost data from Oppo Reno phone is to use Android Data Recovery which is a perfect Oppo Reno Data Recovery Tool.

With the use of Oppo Reno Data Recovery Software, one can:

  • Recover deleted, missing, lost, disappeared, erased files from Oppo Reno.
  • Restore data such as images, videos, audios, voice memos, contacts, text messages, call history, WhatsApp chat history, notes, calendar, call/voice recordings, documents, etc.
  • Extract data from broken screen, factory reset, ROM flashed, water damaged, forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password, virus/malware attack, screen cracked/smashed, rooted Oppo Reno smartphone.
  • Preview recoverable files within the preview screen of the software.
  • 100%read only program. Safe, secure and easy to use.

Free Download Trial Version/Buy Now Oppo Reno Data Recovery Tool

Oppo Company has established a good reputation in the mobile industry. They recently launched a new Oppo phone which is Oppo Reno Smartphone. It attracts many users by its amazing features.

Though this phone has good features and amazing quality but like other smartphone data loss still occurs in Oppo Reno smartphone. Data loss is one of the common problem that users don’t want to face.

So, before going to recovery solutions let us first check out the common scenarios behind the deletion of data that occurs on Oppo Reno phone.

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Some Common Scenarios Behind The Data Loss That Occurs On Oppo Reno Phone

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleted those files which you do not want to delete.
  • Factory resetted your phone due to some reason.
  • Virus or malware attack also corrupts your data.
  • ROM flashed.
  • Screen gets broken/cracked/smashed.
  • Forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern or password.
  • System crashed.
  • Water damaged.
  • Black or white screen.
  • Rooting the device.
  • And so on…

So, those are the common causes due to which you may lose your data from your Oppo Reno phone.

But as I said, you don’t have to worry about it. You can still retrieve deleted data from Oppo Reno.

Alright, let us now look at the Oppo Reno Data Recovery Solutions.

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Solution 1: Restore Lost/Deleted Data From Oppo Reno Via Local Backup

If you have taken the backup of your Reno phone data in local backup then you can easily restore files from local backup.

Follow the below steps to restore data from Oppo Reno using local backup:

Step 1: On your phone, go to Settings>Additional Settings>Backup & Reset>Local Back up. You can also go to Tools>Backup & Restore and you will see all your backed up data.

Recover Data From Oppo F9 or F9 Pro Using Local Backup

Step 2: Now select the relevant backup file (check the date and size of each backup file) that you wish to restore and start the restore process.

Step 3: Then wait until the restoration process gets completed. You will get all your backed up data on your Oppo Reno phone.

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Solution 2: Restore Oppo Reno Deleted Data From Google Drive

If you have kept backup of photos, videos and documents of Oppo Reno phone in Google Drive then you can easily restore from the backup.

Follow the below step to restore your Oppo Reno Data from Google Drive backup:

Step 1: Open Google Drive Application on your Oppo Reno. You can also open Google Drive webpage on web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Sign with the same Gmail ID & password that you have used to backup your Opp Reno data to Google Drive.

Step 3: When you login successfully, here you will see all your backed up data.

Step 4: Now choose the files that you want to restore and then just click on Download option.

Restore Photos From Google Drive Backup

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Solution 3: Retrieve Your Oppo Reno Lost Data Via Computer

If you have stored your Opp Reno phone data on your computer then you can easily get back the data from there. Also if you have saved your data on hard disk or SD card etc then you have the copy of your data and from there you can easily restore your Oppo Reno phone data.

All the above solution will work only if you have backup of your Oppo phone. But now the question arises – how do you retrieve deleted data from Oppo Reno without backup?

Solution 4: Recover Lost Or Deleted Data From Oppo Reno Without Backup

Many users forget to back up their valuable data and when they lost those file they feel panic, but you do not have to worry. In this situation you are recommended to try Android Data Recovery which is suitable Oppo Reno Data Recovery Software that will help you to get back your deleted data from Oppo Reno without any backup.

This Oppo Reno  Data Recovery tool effectively recover deleted pictures,  audios, voice memos, call/voice recordings, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, text SMS, videos, notes, calendar, documents and much more from your Oppo Reno phone.

The best part about this Data Recovery software for Oppo Reno is that it extracts files from internal storage, external SD memory card as well as broken Oppo Reno smartphone.

It also extracts data lost due to accidental deletion, factory reset, water damaged, ROM flashed, screen cracked/smashed, forgotten screen lock, black/white screen, virus attack, rooting and so on.

Note: Stop using your Oppo Reno phone and don’t add any data on it because adding new data will overwrite the existing data and you will lose the chance for successful recovery of your data.

Below follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to recover deleted/lost data from Oppo Reno phone without backup using Android Data Recovery Tool.

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Bonus Tip: Backup & Restore Your Oppo Reno Phone

It is always suggested that you must keep backup of your important data in order to deal data loss scenarios. One of the best methods to backup Oppo Reno phone data is to use Android Backup & Restore software. With the help of this program, you can easily backup almost all types of data such as photos, videos, music files, audio, contacts, messages, call logs, documents, etc from your Reno phone to PC.

Here follow the complete steps to backup and restore Oppo Reno phone data to PC using Android Backup and restore software.

Beside, using the software, you can also use Google Drive to backup photos, videos or documents. Alternatively, you can also use phone’s in-built backup feature or other cloud services such as Dropbox, Onedrive, etc to backup your Oppo Reno phone.

Wrap Up

As we all know that data loss has become a common issue, hence it is suggested to back up your Oppo Reno data to deal with data loss scenarios.

In this article I have shared the four different ways to recover deleted or lost data from Oppo Reno smartphone. If you have backup then it’s become very easy to restore data from, but in case if you don’t have any backup then I suggest you to use Android Data Recovery software as it directly retrieve deleted data from Oppo Reno without backup. So, hurry up, before it gets too late.