How To Recover Deleted Data From Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66, Y67

Recover Deleted Or Lost Files From Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67

How To Recover Deleted Data From Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66, Y67

Learn Top Easy Ways To Recover Deleted Files Like Photos, Audios, Videos, Contacts, SMS And Other Files From Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67!

Overview: If you have accidentally deleted your data from Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 smartphone and you wish to recover it then, don’t worry! Be calm! In this article you will learn effective way to recover lost data from Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66 or Y67.

Expert Tip: One of the best and appropriate way to recover lost/deleted data is to use world’s famous Android Data Recovery software which is a perfect Vivo Data Recovery tool.

With the help of Vivo Data Recovery software, you can:

  • Restore lost, missing, deleted, erased, disappeared data from Vivo phones including Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67.
  • Retrieve files like photos, videos, contact, text messages, WhatsApp chats, notes, calendar, voice memos, audios, call history, documents and other files.
  • Easily restore data lost due to factory reset, water damaged, forgotten screen lock PIN/password/pattern, ROM flashed, virus attack, screen cracked/smashed/broken, black screen, system crashed, etc.
  • Extract files from phone’s internal memory as well as phone’s external SD card.
  • Preview recoverable files within the preview screen of the software.
  • 100% read only program. User friendly.

Free Download Trial Version/Buy Now Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 Phone Data Recovery Tool

Vivo mobile company was established in the year 2009 at Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Now it has become a popular company, they had launched many models of Vivo phone. They manufacture low-cost, mid-range and high-cost Android phones. Among several phones they have manufactured, they have also launched several phones in Y series such as Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66 and Y67.

These Y series smartphones are used by many people. But one problem that every phone users encounter and that is that users face data loss on Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66 and Y67. It has become a common issue for all. So, let us know about the scenarios behind the data loss.

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Scenarios That Leads To Data Loss From Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67

Some of the common scenarios are mention below:

  • Mistakenly Or Accidentally Deletion: While deleting unwanted files users mistakenly select the files which they don’t want to delete.
  • Factory Reset: If you factory reset your phone without keeping backup then it will erase all your data.
  • Virus Infection: If virus enters in your Vivo phone then it corrupts all your files that you have stored in your mobile and thereby you may loss all your files.
  • Format SD Card: If you format your phone’s SD card then you may lose all your data from SD memory card attached to a Vivo phone.
  • Other Causes: There are many other causes like forgotten screen lock PIN/pattern/password, water damaged, stuck at black or white screen, screen cracked, ROM flashed, system crashed, rooting, etc.

In the above mentioned scenarios you may encounter data loss on your Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66 or Y67.

So, now let’s move to the solutions on how to recover deleted data from Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67.

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Solution 1: Restore Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 Data From Vivo Cloud

Now almost every smartphone provide a cloud feature. Vivo phone also provide an amazing feature that is CloudVivo, it stores up t8o 5GB of data.

Restore Data From VivoCloud

If you have Turned ON this VivoCloud service on your phone or if you have kept backup of your phone data to VivoCloud then you can easily restore data from the VivoCloud backup:

  • Open VivoCloud application on your Vivo smartphone.
  • Choose the recoverable files then tap on Restore.
  • Follow these steps to restore any type of data from the cloud.

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Solution 2: Best Way To Recover Deleted Or Lost Data From Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 [Recommended]

Many users think that they lost their data permanently but you will be happy to know that you can get back your data without any backup. Android Data Recovery which is suitable Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 Data Recovery software that will help you to recover lost, missing, disappeared or deleted data from Vivo Y53, Y55, Y66 or Y67 without any backup.

This Vivo Y53 Data Recovery tool easily restore files like contacts, text SMS, call history, photos, videos, audios, WhatsApp chats, music, notes, call/voice recording, voice memos, calendar, documents, etc.

Vivo Y67 Star Data Recovery software also extracts files from water damaged, screen cracked/smashed, system crashed, factory reset, forgotten screen lock, ROM flashed,  black/white screen, rooting and so on.

The most important part about this Vivo Y66 Data Recovery program is that is extracts files from phone’s internal storage, external SD card or broken phone. It is available for both “Window” and “Mac” computer. You can also see the recoverable files within the preview screen of the software.

This Android Data Recovery software not only support Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 but it also support all Y series phones such as Vivo Y90, Y7s, Y12, Y3, Y17, Y91i, Y91, Y93s, Y95, Y93, Y97, Y71i, Y81, Y53i, Y71, Y75, Y79, Y69, Y25, Y55s, Y55L, Y21L, Y31L, Y31A, Y51L, Y51, Y27L, Y15S, Y15, Y22, Y83 Pro, etc.

Below follow the complete tutorial to get back deleted data from Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 by using Android Data Recovery software.

Step To Recover Deleted Data From Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67

Follow the below-mentioned links to recover deleted or lost data from Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67:

Bonus Tip: Always Backup Your Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 To Avoid Future Data Loss

Users should always keep regular backup of their phone’s data so that in future if you loss data you can easily get back from the backup. You can backup your data in Google Drive, Vivo Cloud, phone’s in-built backup, etc.

The best and easy method to backup your valuable data by using Android Data Backup & Restore software. It backup data like contacts, SMS, call history, images, videos and many other data. This software backup Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67 phone data to PC and later you can restore data back to your phone from the backup.

Wrap Up

We hope the above solutions had helped you to recover deleted data from Vivo Y53/Y55/Y66/Y67. You can also restore lost data from the backup but in absence of backup, you are highly recommended to try Android Data Recovery software as it retrieve deleted data without any backup.

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