How To Poke Someone On Facebook [Simple Steps]

Poke Someone on Facebook on Mobile or Desktop

Poking friends on Facebook is one of the special features to get attention of someone.

Back in the early days, this poking thing was a very popular feature.

People normally use this feature to nudge their friends or family.

It was all in the early days.

But today, people have a question – Can you still poke people on Facebook?

Well, the short answer is “Yes”, you can still poke people on the platform.

So, In this guide, you will learn the easy steps on how to poke someone on Facebook mobile app and desktop.

You will also learn what does it mean when someone pokes you on Facebook, whether it is considered as flirting and other related frequently asked questions.

Just go through the article.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Pokes You On Facebook?

As I mentioned above, Poking is a special feature. It basically allows you to send a Poke notification to someone.

For example, if you have not talked to your friends from a long time or someone has not been active on this social media platform, then you can poke them.

After poking them, they will receive a notification via email or as well as on Facebook.

By this way, you get that user’s attention.

You can poke a user in several ways.

You can poke someone to see if they are poking you back or not.

You can use this feature to send a greeting to someone.

In return, if they poke you back, then again you can poke them again and this can continue back and forth.

Note: You can send another poke, only when the other person pokes you back. If they have ignored it, then you can’t send another.

On the other hand, if you don’t want poke from someone, then you can ignore their poke or you can block them.

Also, note that one can poke their friends or friends of friends.

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How To Poke Someone On Facebook [The Easy Steps]

Whether you are using the Facebook app on mobile (Android or iPhone/iPad) or using it on desktop. You can poke people with the easy steps mentioned below.

Note: Same steps applies to Facebook lite as well.

Steps To Poke Someone On Facebook On Android/iPhone

On your phone, open Facebook app.

Tap on “search” icon located at the top-right corner.

Now, in the search bar type “Pokes” and search for function.

How To Poke Someone on Facebook App

From the result, tap on “Pokes” button.

It will take you to the “Pokes” page. Now find the person you want to send poke from this page.

Finally, tap on “Poke” next to their name.

How To Poke Someone on Facebook App on Mobile

If someone has already poked you, then you can send them a poke by tapping on “Poke Back”.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to poke someone on Facebook app using mobile.

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Steps To Poke Someone On Facebook On Desktop

If you are using Facebook on Mac, Windows, Linux or Chromebook machine, then you can use Facebook website to poke someone.

Open any web browser and go to your Facebook Pokes Page. If you are not logged in to your account, then log in.

Once, you are on the “Pokes” page, you will see the list of friends that you can poke. If you want to look for someone particular, then type the name of the friend at the search box at the top of the page.

Once you find the friend, simply click on the “Poke” button next to its name.

How To Poke Someone on Facebook On Desktop

Facebook will then send the notification to that user through email and in Facebook as well.

If anyone has already poked you, then you can poke them back by clicking on “Poke Back” button.

How To Poke Someone Back on Facebook On Desktop

And That’s It!

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Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How To Poke Someone On Facebook Multiple Times

Answer 1: Once you poke a friend on Facebook, they get notification. On the other hand, your friend will also be able to see the option and can “poke you back”.

But do note that you can’t poke a friend multiple times, unless they have poked you back or removed your poke.

Question 2: What Do You Do When Someone Pokes You On Facebook?

Answer 2: When someone pokes you on Facebook, you can either poke them back or you can simply ignore it.

Question 3: How To See Who Poked You On Facebook?

Answer 3: When someone pokes you on Facebook, you will get a notification, from there you can see who’s done it.

However, if you have missed the notification, you can check it from the sidebar on the News Feed. There you will find the Pokes tab and this is where you will see all your unreturned/ignored/undeleted pokes.

Question 4: Is Poking On Facebook Flirting?

No, it does not certainly mean flirting.

It can be a friendly nudge, greetings, etc.

Or to bring you back on the platform, if you are not using Facebook app for a long time.

It can also be used to say “Hello” to someone in non-intrusive way.

At the end, it all comes to the user intention who has sent the poke.

Wrap Up

So, that’s the simple and easy steps to poke someone on Facebook app on mobile or on Desktop.

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