YouTube Music App Keeps Pausing: How To Fix In No Time

How To Stop YouTube Music From Pausing

If you are also frustrated with the issue of YouTube Music keeps pausing?

Well, you are not the only one, there are lot of users facing the same problem.

Just like the other apps, it also has its own bugs and glitches that you can fix it by doing troubleshooting.

I also face the issue of YouTube Music pauses between songs when listening to a song.

It starts happening with me for most of the time when I listen to a song.

So, I decided to fix it and I went deep to find effective solutions to quickly solve it.

After a lot of research, I came up with some interesting solutions that you can try to fix it.

Here in this guide, you will learn how to stop YouTube Music from pausing randomly.

Just read the article and follow the mentioned steps.

But before moving to the solutions. Let’s check the causes first.

Because we should know what causes the problem to fix it quickly.

Causes: Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing My Music?

  • It would happen, if you don’t have a premium subscription.
  • Internet connection issues.
  • Due to server-related issues.
  • An outdated app and OS version can also be the reason behind it.
  • If you have enabled Battery optimization, then it could be the culprit behind the issue.
  • Insufficient device storage.
  • Connection problems, if you are using headphones or earphones and if it starts losing connection, then the song will get paused.
  • If your browser is on a sleep timer, then the playing music will get stopped by itself.
  • Due to the corrupted cache file.
  • A browser extension can also prevent your listening.
  • Your premium subscription account is being logged on another device.

These are the common reasons behind it, if any of the situations is with you, then try to immediately fix it.

Now, let’s move to the solution to fix this issue.

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How To Stop YouTube Music From Pausing On iPhone/Android?

The below mentioned solutions are for Android and iPhone. So, follow the steps and apply them.

1. Check Internet Connection

First, you should check whether your mobile cellular data is working fine or not.

If you notice that YouTube Music keeps buffering and suddenly paused, then it could be the internet problem.

To fix it, try turning on and off the Flight/Airplane Mode, it can refresh the connections.

After that, also run a speed test to check the connection speed.

Try following the mentioned methods to fix Wi-Fi router problems.

  • Move nearby your Wi-Fi router, it will catch better signals and stop the buffering and pausing problem.
  • Reboot your Wi-Fi device, by performing this the cache will be wiped and provide better signals.

2. Restart Your Phone

Restating the phone can be the better option to perform if your YouTube Music pauses when screen locks.

So, before moving to the aggressive solutions, try performing a normal solution, because it might be bugs or glitches are causing the issue.

By doing a restart the existing bugs and glitches will get fixed and also refresh your device.

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3. Restart The App

If you have noticed that the YouTube Music app keeps pausing, then a normal restarting of the app can also fix the problem.

So, simply close the app from the background and again open the app and check if it’s fixed or not.

If the problem still exists, then move to the other solutions.

4. Check The Server

There might be chances that the YouTube Music servers are down that’s why it keeps pausing and buffering.

Therefore, you should check the server status before doing troubleshooting.

Because, you can’t fix server issues by performing troubleshooting, your only option remains to wait for it until it gets solved by itself.

You can check its server status through the Downdetector website.

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5. Check Your Bluetooth Connection

If you are using wired earphones or headphones and if you didn’t connect them properly, then it can also interrupt playback.

Therefore, connect it properly to listen to the song without interruption.

If you have Bluetooth devices and if it’s having lack of connection, then it can also pause the song.

6. Update Your Phone

Another reason could be the outdated software version.

If your mobile is running on an older software version, then it might cause the issue of YouTube Music keeps pausing on iPhone or Android.

In such a situation, updating the software version can fix the problems.

So, check for the updates and update your phone to the latest version, if available.

Note: The steps may vary on your phone-to-phone model.

Steps For Android: –

  • Go to Settings and select System.
  • Now, tap on System Update, then you will able to see its status.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to downland and install the update.

 Step For iPhone: –

  • Navigate to Settings and select General.
  • Now, tap on Software Update.
  • Now, if any update available, then tap on Download and Install.

Download and install iPhone update

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7. Update The App

If you have noticed that your YouTube Music premium keeps pausing, then it might be due to an outdated app version.

As mentioned earlier, an outdated app can also cause playback issue.

So, if you are using the older version of YouTube Music, then it can pause the song.

Therefore, you should update the app and check if it’s working fine or not.

These are the steps to do so.

On Android: –

  • Open Google Play Store and search for YouTube Music.
  • Then, tap on the app icon, after that you will see the Green Update option, if available then tap on it.

On iPhone: –

  • Navigate to App Store and tap on the Search bar.
  • Then, search for YouTube Music.
  • After that, tap on Update option, if available.

Update YouTube Music App on App Store

8. Clear App Cache And Data

If your YouTube Music app randomly pauses, then there might be chances that it’s cache files get corrupted.

To prevent this situation clearing the app cache and data would be the better option to perform.

These are the steps to do so.

On Android: –

  • Tap and hold the YouTube Music icon, then tap on App Info.
  • Now, select Storage, then tap on Clear Cache or Clear Data one by one.

Clear Cache and data of YouTube Music App

On iPhone you can offload the app by following the mentioned steps.

  • Navigate to Settings and select General.
  • Now, choose iPhone Storage, the look for YouTube Music app.
  • Then, tap on it and select Offload App.

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9. Turn Off Battery Optimization And Sleep Timer

If you have enabled battery optimization on your phone for the YouTube Music app, then it can also interrupt the playback.

Therefore, turning it off can fix the problem and you can enjoy listening to the song as you used to before.

If you set the sleep timer on your device, then it can also interrupt.

So, when you are listening to a song, set a long time period of 2-3 hours to listen to non stop songs.

These are the steps to turn off battery optimization on Android.

  • Go to Settings and tap on Apps.
  • Now, look for YouTube Music app, then tap on it.
  • Now, select Battery, then turn off Battery optimization or select Unrestricted.

Disable battery optimization for YouTube Music

10. Turn Off Glance Mode

If you have set the Glance mode on your phone, then it can also cause the issue of YouTube Music pauses when screen locks.

To fix it, you can disable this feature to avoid playback problems.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to Settings > Lock Screen > Wallpaper services.
  • After that, choose the None.

At last, check whether the problem fixed or not, if not, then move to the other solution.

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11. Reinstall YouTube Music App

If your YouTube Music keeps pausing on iPhone or Android, then you can try to reinstall the app to fix the problem.

By doing this the glitches in the app will be fixed and you can enjoy listening to your song.

First, you need to uninstall the app, then install it again.

After uninstalling the app install the app from Google Play Store, if you are an Android user.

If you are an iOS user, then install the app from App Store.

At last, check whether the problem is solved or not.

12. Upgrade To Premium Subscription

If you didn’t have a subscription, then whenever your phone’s screen gets locked, then the song will also get paused.

To prevent such a situation, you need to buy a premium member subscription.

If you have a premium subscription, then you can play the song even with screen lock.

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13. Clear Device’s Storage

As we mentioned earlier, insufficient storage can also cause the problem of YouTube Music app randomly pauses.

So, clearing the storage can fix the problem easily.

Try to uninstall unwanted applications that you have not used for a long time.

Delete some unnecessary files, videos, photos, documents, and notes.

At last, check whether the problem still persists or not.

14. Decrease The Audio Quality (For Premium Members)

Many users recommend decreasing the audio quality if songs are buffering on the highest audio quality.

You can decrease it by navigating through the app settings.

By doing this, the issue will get fixed and you can enjoy listening to the song without buffering.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to YouTube Music and hit your Profile Icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Now, select Settings, then choose Audio quality on a mobile network, then set it to High or Normal.
  • Then, tap on Audio quality on Wi-Fi, then select High or Normal.

Decrease Audio Quality for Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

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15. Try Contacting Support Team

If none of the methods didn’t help you in fixing the problem, then it’s time to contact the support team and describe the problem to them.

First, you have to report the issue, then you need to send your phone system logs.

These are the steps to contact the support team.

  • Go to YouTube Music, then hit your Profile icon present at the top right corner.
  • Now, choose Help and feedback.
  • Now, simply enter and describe your problem here, then tap on the Arrow icon present next to Send feedback.

Send Feedback to Support team

Now, the support team will check you report and then they can response you.

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Fix YouTube Music Keep Pausing On PC

1. Relaunch YouTube Music App

If your YouTube Music keeps pausing on your PC, then you can try to relaunch it.

First, close the app and press these keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete together, then a pop-up will appear choose Task Manager from there.

Now, find the YouTube task, then select End Task, then launch the app again and check if its problem still exists or not.

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2. Restart Your PC

The very first thing you should restart your PC, if you have noticed that YouTube Music keeps pausing.

So, try restarting your PC and check if it keeps pausing or not, if it does, then move to the other solution.

3. Reinstall The App

If the problem is on the app itself, then you can fix it by reinstalling it.

First, you need to uninstall the app, then install it again on your PC.

These are the steps to do so.

  • Open Settings, then select Apps.
  • Now, choose Installed apps, then look for YouTube Music App.
  • After that, click the three dots (More) next to the app, then click Uninstall.
  • Now, go to the official website of YouTube Music, then sign in to your account.
  • Then, click the three vertical dots icon present at the top right corner.
  • After that, click Install YouTube Music.

Alternatively, you can go to App store and install the app from there.

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4. Clear Cookies And Site Data

If you are accessing YouTube Music on the browser, then you can try to clear the browsing data.

Many users often solved several problems by removing the cookies and site data.

Therefore, you can also apply the same process to fix the issue.

These are the steps to follow.

  • Go to your Chrome browser, then select More tools.
  • Now, click Clear browsing data then select the Time range to “All Time”.
  • At last, click Clear data.

Clear cookies and site data on Chrome browser

After that, launch your Chrome browser again and check if it’s working fine or not.

5. Add Extensions

You can add extensions to prevent the issue from causing.

You can add the YouTube nonstop extension on your browser.

By doing this the pausing issue will get solved and you can enjoy the non-interrupting listening experience.

First, open the chrome web store, then search for the extension and click Add to Chrome.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1. Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing My Music?

Answer. There could be several reasons behind it, but the most common are internet connection problems and corrupted cache files.

To fix it, try enabling and disabling Airplane mode or power cycle your router.

Clear the app cache and data if you are an Android user or clear cookies and site data, if you are on a PC.

Question 2. How Do You Stop YouTube From Pausing Songs?

Answer. If you want to stop YouTube from pausing songs, then you will need to upgrade your account to premium.

After that, you must have a stable internet connection and also update the app to the latest version and try to keep disabling battery optimization.

Question 3. Why Is YouTube Pausing By Itself?

Answer. There are many reasons behind it, some of them are mentioned below.

  • If you have enabled battery optimization.
  • Internet connection issues.
  • An outdated OS and app version.

You can check more causes that are mentioned above and you can also apply the solutions to fix it.

Wrap Up

Here is the end of the article, in this article you have learned how to stop YouTube Music App from pausing.

If you have followed the solutions and applied them, then you have successfully solved the problem.

If you have found this guide helpful and useful, then share it with your friend or family members who need it.

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