6+ Ways To Fix COD Mobile Controller Not Working

How To Fix COD Mobile Controller Not Working

Learn Yourself To Troubleshoot And Solve Controller Not Working On Call of Duty Mobile!

For Call of Duty Mobile players, who are keen and like to play and enjoy game with a controller – be it Xbox Series pad, PS5, PS4 or some other third-party controller, facing the lack of connection issues between phone and controller is not something that players will like it.

Though, the game is built-in with touch screen, but users want to play it with controller.

So, if you are also experiencing controller issues, then here follow the solutions mentioned in this post to fix COD Mobile controller not working.

Let’s start with real user practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1: COD Mobile Says Controller Connected On Samsung S21 Ultra But Not Working

Controller not working even though game says that its connected.

Im using an S21 Ultra and a dualshock 4. Connecting the controller to the phone works flawlessly, the game also recognizes that i have it connected, however when i actually try to play the game i get nothing. The only thing i can do is move a useless mouse cursor around with the touchpad. I have controller support turned on in game, i also have tried restarting my phone multiple times. Please help. Any input is appriciated.

Source: Reddit

Practical Scenario 2: Controller won’t work on cod mobile

Ps4 controller doesn’t work on cod mobile

Please can you solve this issue?!?! Since release from the oxygen os 11 update it doesn’t work anymore! On fortnite maybe it works but not on cod mobile. The issue is been known and there is many other threads about this but when we get the fix of this?

Source: OnePlus Community

That was just two examples, but there are many players out there encountering this issue.

Never mind, here is the effective solutions that you can follow to solve cod mobile controller not working on Android 13/12/11 or other mobile devices.

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Solution 1: Restart Your Device and Game

This is the very first step you must apply.

Restart your device: This fixes several minor and major problems. If there is any bugs or glitch it will fix the issue. Simply, press and hold Power button and then select the option “Restart”.

Restart Android Phone

Restart COD Mobile: If restarting the device, doesn’t solve the problem, then relaunch the COD mobile.

Solution 2: Re-Check The Connection

This is one of the major causes behind the controller not working problem.

Hence, you have to re-check that your controller is properly connected or linked to your mobile device.

If you are using the wired controller, then check the wire and make sure there is no damage wire, no wear and tear. If it is damaged, then replace the controller.

On the other hand, if you are using a controller with Bluetooth connectivity, then make sure it is connected to a correct device and the device is within the Bluetooth range.

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Solution 3: Re-Link Your Controller Again

If you are using a branded controller like Xbox Core, PS5, PS4 DualShock, 8Bitdo Pro 2, Sony DualSense, SteelSeries Stratus Duo, or any other brand and still you are experiencing this issue, then try to solve the issue by linking the controller again to your phone via USB-C port or Bluetooth.

Reconnecting will create the fresh connection and thereby help you to fix Xbox, PS5, PS4 controller not working on COD mobile.

In case, you are using USB cable to connect, then unplug it from your phone and then clean the connecting pin and then re-plug it.

If you are using Bluetooth connectivity, then disable Bluetooth on both devices, controller and phone. Wait for some time, then again turn on the Bluetooth and pair them to re-establish the connection.

Reconnect Your Controller

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Solution 4: Check In The Game Settings For Controller Support

Although, COD Mobile support controller option, but still, you must check if this option is enabled or not in your in-game settings or not.

Here follow the steps:

  • First, connect controller with your device.
  • Next, launch the CODM and tap on Gear icon to open game Settings.
  • Go to Controller tab and then tap on Controller Settings.
  • Here check, if the controller connect is indicated as connected or not. If not then re-connect your controller.
  • Also, make sure that “Allow to use controller” option is enabled. If not then enable it.

Check In The Game Settings For Controller Support Is Turned On

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Solution 5: Update Your COD Mobile App

Outdated app always creates issues and problems. So, check and make sure you are using the updated version of the app.

  • On your phone, Go to Play Store on your Android.
  • Type COD Mobile in search bar.
  • Now see, if the update is available, then you will see the Update button, tap on it.

Update CoDM App

If there is no update button available, then it means you are having the updated and latest version of the app.

Solution 6: Wait For Firmware Update For Controller

There have been several reports that many players are facing this issue after the firmware update which they received on their PS/PS5 and Xbox controllers.

Hence, if the problem is caused due to firmware update, then you don’t have to do anything. Simply, wait for the next firmware update which will then automatically fix the issue of connection issue.

However, there are many players who have purchased the old controller which is compatible with old firmware and they are avoiding getting updated to the latest firmware update.

Wan to Purchase CODM controller –  here check it out.

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Additional Tips To Fix Call of Duty Mobile Controller Not Working


  • Quit Multiplayer and then again join multiplayer. It often works.
  • Go to your phone Settings >Accessibility> Installed Services. Here, disable the option Select to Speak Now, relaunch the game and check.

Disable Select to Speak option on Call of duty mobile

  • Check battery power on your controllers is enough to connect and play. And if it does not have enough power, then charge it for some time and then check.

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Now, let’s check out the reasons – Why is my controller not working on COD Mobile?

Causes: Why Controller Does Not Work On COD Mobile?

When you are facing controller issues while playing COD mobile on phone, then there could be several reasons behind it.

Below, you can find some of the common causes.

  • Connection problems
  • Controller battery issue
  • Incompatible controller
  • Game bugs and glitches
  • Software issue
  • Hardware problem
  • Outdated CODM App

Related Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question 1: Why does my controller not work on COD Mobile?

Answer: The answer to the question, is just mentioned above in the causes section. There could be several causes such as connectivity issues, software issues, game glitch, controller battery levels and so on.

Question 2: How do I get my controller to work on COD mobile?

Answer 2: To do this follow the below steps:

  • Launch Call of Duty Mobile.
  • Go to Settings > Tap gear icon.
  • Here go to Controller tab and then select “Settings”.
  • Now, turn on “Enable Controller Support”.

Question 3: How Do I Pair/Enable My Controller on CoD Mobile?

Answer 3: Here follow the steps to pair/connect or enable controller on Android:

  • On your phone go to Settings > Bluetooth > turn it ON.
  • Select the device (controller) that you want to connect.
  • Tap Pair new devices.
  • Hold connect button on the Xbox One controller or hold down both the PS and Share buttons unless the controller flashes.
  • Select the controller from the list and pair it.

Question 4: Can You Still Play COD Mobile With A Controller?

Answer 4: Yes, you can play the game with a controller. But it seems that controllers work while you play game in battle royale or multiplayer match. And when you are in game menu or lobby, it does not work.

Question 5: How Do I Connect My Wired Controller To CodM?

Answer 5: To connect wired controller, you have to first launch the CoDM. Go to Settings > Controller tab. Under settings, enable “Allow to use controller”.

Now, connect your controller to your mobile device and then tap on “Connect” option. The connection will then get verified and thereafter you will be able to play the game using the wired controller.

Wrap Up

I hope after going through the post you were able to fix CoDM mobile controller not working issues.

Also, you came to know the causes – Why controller does not work on Call of duty mobile?

Additionally, the FAQs section had given you more information about the Controller problems.

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