Samsung Phone Stuck on Airplane Mode? Here Is The Real Fix!

Solutions To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck In Airplane Mode With Faded Blue Color

Learn 8 Effective And Easy Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone Stuck On Airplane Mode/Flight Mode/Aeroplane Mode!

Overview: Airplane mode is a useful feature that let you disable all other features that can disrupt flight communication. But after enabling it some Samsung users are reporting that they are unable to turn it off. Well, you don’t have to panic as you can fix this problem by applying some methods. Here, I have discussed different ways to fix Samsung phone stuck on Android mode.

Let’s start with a real user practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: A User’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Got Stuck In Partial Airplane Mode [Faded Blue]

Note 10 Plus Stuck in Partial Flight Mode (Faded Blue). Is this an indication of hardware failure?

Hi, I haven’t yet come across a situation where factory reset didn’t resolve the issue. This one is very intriguing to me as I could not conclude why the phone could stay in the partial flight mode (faded blue). It may be a coincidence, but it happened sometime after the firmware update. However, it doesn’t look like a widespread issue to assume it is a bug. I have attached an image that shows flight mode in faded blue. It stays that way until I switch to Wi-Fi calling or remove the SIM card from the tray. I cannot select networks from the settings – “Error while searching for networks.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Stuck On Flight Mode With Faded Blue Color

Here are the steps I have taken so far:

  1. Wipe cache partition
  2. Clear SIM cache, grant permissions, network rest, restart device
  3. Multiple resets with flight mode on and off, finally did a Factory rest
  4. Used ODIN flashed with latest stock ROM
  5. Used ODIN flashed with a year-old ROM – system performed updates as well
  6. Used ADB shell to enable cell in airplane mode, no impact. ADB mode shows flight mode was off.
  7. Replaced with new SIM card, no difference

Based on the above steps, it looks like this is probably a hardware issue, but I would be relieved if it comes from experts. No drops or physical damages to the phone. I haven’t read anywhere that partial flight mode results from hardware failure. However, neither ADB made any difference to conclude it as a software/GUI issue. If there aren’t any solutions left, I can make peace with my phone.

I would appreciate your comments and inputs.

Source: Reddit

That was just one example, but there are several Samsung users out the encountering this problem.

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Anyway, moving to the article, let us now learn the causes – Why Samsung phone/tablet get stuck in Airplane mode?

Why Samsung Phone Stuck On Airplane Mode?

There is not any particular reason for this issue. However, it can cause due to bugs or glitches in the software, corrupted files, wrong network settings, or a phone repeatedly running for many days.

After getting failure with the causes, now, it’s time to look at the methods to fix Samsung phone stuck on Airplane mode.

Note: All the below-listed methods will work for all models of Samsung phones including Samsung Galaxy S20/S21/S10/S8/A71/A51, and  Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Method 1: Force Restart Your Samsung Phone

This is a basic way that helps to solve minor software glitches or bugs. It may be possible that your phone is stuck on Airplane mode due to minor bugs in your phone’s software. So, you can force restart your phone to fix this issue.

Here, follow the steps to force restart/hard reboot Samsung phone.

Step 1: Firstly, press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons together for 7-10 seconds.

Step 2: Next, wait for your device to switch off completely. Then, power it on by pressing and holding the Power key.

Restart Samsung Phone

Now, check if you can turn off Airplane mode or not.

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Method 2: Enable Safe Mode

You can boot your Samsung Galaxy phone into safe mode to solve the problem. When you enable this mode then all the installed third-party apps that you have downloaded get disabled. So, you can enable safe mode on Samsung phone to check if the third-party apps are causing your Samsung phone stuck on Aeroplane mode.

How To Enter Safe Mode On Samsung S10 - Tap On Safe Mode

If you are able to exit flight mode on your phone when your phone is on safe mode then it indicates that the 3rd party apps are the culprit for it. And to fix it you need to delete the recently installed application one by one and check the issue is solved or not.

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Method 3: Check Update For Your Android OS

If you are using an older version of Android OS then this can be the reason why airplane mode is not getting off on Samsung. Therefore, you should check the latest update for your Samsung mobile and install it immediately and see if you are able to disable flight mode.

To update your Android firmware, you need to go to Settings > Software Update. If your device shows the update then simply follow the on-screen steps to download and install it.

Update Samsung Phone

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Method 4: Reset Network Settings

You can’t disable flight mode on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone if the network settings on your phone are incorrect. In this case, you can reset the network settings to get rid of this issue. Don’t Worry! Resetting the network settings will not delete data from your phone.

Below, learn the simple steps to reset network settings on Samsung device.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your handset.

Step 2: Then hit on General Management.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Reset > Reset Network setting.

Step 4: At last, hit on Reset Settings.

Reset Network Settings On Samsung

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Method 5: Stop Apps From Changing System Settings

You may also encounter such issues if you have allowed third-party apps permission to change the system setting on your device. In this situation, a faulty app might continuously disable Aeroplane mode without asking your permission.

You can fix it by following the below-listed steps.

Step 1: Run the Settings app and then scroll down and tap on Apps.

Step 2: After that, hit on 3 dots or menu option in the top right corner and choose Special access.

Stop Apps From Changing System Settings

Step 3: Hit on Change system settings to see a list of applications that can change system settings on your Galaxy device.

Stop Apps From Changing Samsung Phone System Settings

Step 4: Scroll down in this list and use the toggle to stop 3rd party apps from modifying system settings.

Now, restart your Samsung smartphone and try to turn off Airplane mode.

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Method 6: Wipe Cache Partition

Just like apps store temporary files so that they can open fast, likewise Android also creates and stores temporary files to do particular works. These files are primarily saved in the system cache partition. However, when these files get corrupted then your phone may misbehave. The only way to fix it is by wiping the cache partition.

Below, learn how to wipe the cache partition on Samsung phone.

Step 1: Press and hold Power button unless the Power menu appears.

Step 2: Hit on the Power off to switch off your phone.

Step 3: Now, use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.

Step 4: When they get connected then press and hold both Power + Volume Up buttons unless you see the Samsung logo on your phone’s screen. Your mobile will boot into recovery mode.

Step 5: Now, with the help of Volume Down key scroll down to Wipe cache partition option and select it using Power button.

Wipe Cache Partition On Samsung

Step 6: Now, highlight Yes using Volume Down button and press the Power key to confirm.

Wait for few minutes so that it can complete wiping the cache partition.

Step 7: After this, use the Volume button to highlight Reboot system now option and use the Power button to confirm the rebooting of your device.

Once your phone reboots, see if it is still stuck in flight mode.

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Method 7: Perform A Factory Reset

You can factory reset your phone to get your Samsung phone out of Airplane mode/offline mode. This will reset all settings of your phone to their default one. You will also lose all your phone’s data and apps. Therefore, you are suggested to back up all important data.

Once you a created a backup of all important files, follow the below steps to factory reset your phone.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: After this, tap on General Management > Reset and then on Factory Data Reset option.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra

Step 3: Next, hit on Reset and then Delete All.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

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Method 8: Contact Samsung Support

If still, you are unable to turn off Airplane mode/standalone mode then lastly you should contact Samsung Support. They will check the problem and provide some solutions to you.

Wrap Up

I know how much you get irritated when you need to make/receive a call/message or use other features but your phone is not getting out of Airplane mode. But now, you don’t as above I have provided 8 different solutions that will help you to fix Samsung phone stuck on Airplane mode. And you can use your Galaxy phone as normal.