LG Phone Backup And Restore: Secure Your Important Data To PC

LG Backup and Restore

Overview: Just like in one of my earlier post in which I have mentioned how to backup and restore Xiaomi Mi and Redmi phone data, similarly in this post I am going to share several ways to Backup LG phone data to PC and restore them back.

Tip: The best way to avoid data loss is that you must backup data from your phone to PC regularly. So, when photos, videos, messages, contacts or other data get deleted on your LG smartphone, or LG phone get damaged or broken or lost, you can easily restore LG data from computer.

And the best way to backup LG phone data to computer is to use Android Data Backup & Restore software which is suitable LG Phone Backup and Restore tool. With the help of this tool, one can:

  • Easily backup LG data to PC and restore them back to any LG and Android phone.
  • Backup data like contacts, SMS, whatsapp messages, call history, photos, videos, documents and much more.
  • Backup files from broken, screen damaged, locked LG phones if USB debug is already enabled.

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Let Us Start With Real User Example

LG G2 – Best way to back up before messing with the phone?

I got my G2 set to my pleasing, but I want to experiment with a few things, apps, modifications, etc.. (not rooting it) especially see if I can fix the jittery scroll performance. (Thank God, no touch screen problem so far, and knock on off works fine)

Is there anyway I can get a snapshot of the current phone, save it in some sort of image for recovery later on (without rooting)? I really don’t want to have to go through all my customizations, disabled/removed apps, and have to download all these stuff and set them up (especially work stuff).

Source: Android Central Forums

Just like above example, there are many LG phone users wants to backup their data so that they can handle data loss situation in future.

So what are those ways to backup LG smartphone data?

Well, below find it by yourself – 4 ways to backup and restore LG phone data.

Way 1: Backup LG Smartphone Data To Google or LG Cloud

The LG device has default Backup & Restore options such as LG Cloud and Google service that you can use to backup photos, contacts, apps data and much more.

But in order to use LG cloud and Google service, you have to add LG and Google account respectively to your LG device.

How To Backup LG Device Data To LG Cloud

  • On your device go to Settings> Backup & Restore.
  • Next check mark “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore“.
  • Tap on LG Backup> Back up & restore> Back up data
  • Select Backup to LG Cloud instead of Internal Storage because internal storage is not as secure as LG cloud.
  • Tap on Start to begin the process of backing up pictures, videos, music, apps, etc on your device to LG cloud.

LG Backup to LG Cloud

How to Restore Backed Up Data From LG Cloud

In order to restore LG backup, follow below steps:

  • On your device go to Settings> Backup & Restore.
  • Next tap on “Restore from Backup”.

Note: LG cloud doesn’t support backup of contacts on your device, but you can backup contacts to Google account.

How To Backup LG Contacts To Google

  • On your LG device open “Contacts App”.
  • Tap Menu button and select Manage Contacts.
  • Next select copy them to your Google account.

Backup LG Contacts to Google Account

How To Restore Backed Up LG Contacts From Google Account

  • On your device open Contacts App and select “Import”.

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Way 2: Backup LG Phone Data To Google Drive

Cloud Backup is another way through which you can backup your LG smartphone data and it has many advantages over traditional backup method.

For cloud backups you have several options such as Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. My recommendation here would be “Google Drive” as it is owner of Android OS.

Here how to perform LG backup to Google Drive:

  • On your device go to Settings and then tap on Account Settings.
  • Now add your Gmail account and then download Gmail and Google Drive app on your LG device.
  • After this select the data that you want to backup and upload it Google Drive.

Backup Android with Google Drive

Note: The only drawback of this method is that it does not backup text messages or whatsapp messages. Hence, it is recommended that you must backup data to PC.

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Way 3: Backup & Restore LG To PC With LG PC Suite and LG Bridge

LG also offer LG PC Suite for LG users to backup their LG phone files to a computer. But LG PC Suite only works with older phone such as LG G2. However, if you have newer models such as LG G6, G5, G4, V30, V20, etc then you can use LG Bridge that offers LG AirDrive – Manage content on your devices wirelessly and LG Backup – Back up or restore content on your mobile device via USB.

With the help of LG PC Suite you can backup LG phone data to PC and with the help of LG Bridge you can backup LG phone settings and other data but excluding media files.

Below find out how to use LG Bridge:

  • Download LG Bridge on your computer and launch it.
  • Connect your LG phone to PC and select MTP mode of USB connection.
  • Click Backup > LG Backup > Create a Backup.
  • Check mark the files that you want to backup and click “Start” to start backup process.

LG Bridge Backup

In order to restore an LG back from LG Bridge, follow the above steps and instead of selecting Backup select Restore.

Note: If you have older LG phone models that do not support LG Bridge then you can use LG PC Suite to backup LG.

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Way 4: Make a Full Backup of LG Phone Data To PC With Android Data Backup & Restore

Let me tell you that backup solutions offered by LG are not satisfactory as they fail to make a complete backup of LG phone. For example: LG Cloud backup does not include messages and contacts and LG Bridge does not include media files such as photos, videos, audio files.

So, in such case if you want to make full backup of LG phone then you can use Android Data Backup and Restore which is suitable and popular LG Data Backup & Restore software that is designed to make a full backup of LG phone data and other Android phone and tablet data to PC.

This backup software for LG support all LG devices (LG V30, LG G6, LG G2, G3, G4 to name few) running on Android operating system. The tool backup all data such as:

  • Media Files: Pictures, Videos and Audio Files.
  • Non-Media Files: SMS, Whatsapp messages, contacts, call logs, documents, App data.

Beside backing up all data of your LG phone to computer, this LG Backup and restore utility help you to restore backed up LG data to any other LG phones and other Android phones and tablets.

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Guide: Steps To Backup LG Phone Data To PC

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To PC

First, download, install and launch Android Data Backup & Restore on your PC and select the option Backup & Restore.

After this connect your Android phone to your PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure USB debugging mode is enabled on your phone. If your Android OS is 4.2.2 or above, then you will get pop-up message on your Android phone that will ask you to allow USB Debugging, simply tap on OK.

Once, your phone get connected, you can then click on Backup to begin the backup Android phone data.

If you have used this tool in the past for backing up your device, then you can also view your past backup by clicking on “View backup history”.

Step 2: Select The File Types To Backup

Now select the file types (photos, videos, contacts, call history, messages, calendar, gallery, audio, applications, app data) that you want to backup. By default the program checked all the file types. After this click on Backup to that the backup process.

Just be patient because backup process will take few minutes of time. So, don’t disconnect your Android phone and even don’t use your device during the backup process.

Once, the backup is completed, you can then click on “View the Backup” to see what’s in the backup file.

After Backing up data to your PC you can always restore backed up data back to any LG phones or Android phones.

Wrap Up

From the several ways I hope you have got your favorite way to backup LG phone data. But among those LG backup solutions the best and perfect way is the last one that is Way 4 using Android data backup & restore to make full backup of LG smartphone.

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