Viber Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Viber Chat History

VIber Chat History Recovery on Android

Learn How To Recover Deleted or Lost Viber Chat History, Messages, Photos, Videos, etc From Android!

Overview: After going through deep research I have found there are many Viber app users out there looking for Viber messages recovery solutions. Hence I have decided to provide some basic Viber Recovery tips and tricks that will help you to recover deleted or lost Viber chat history on Android. Just go through the post till the end and I am confident enough that you are going to learn several useful things about Viber app.

Expert Tip: One of the best ways to recover deleted or lost chat content of Viber app is to use Android Data Recovery which is reliable Viber Recovery software.

With Android data recovery software, one can:

  • Easily retrieve lost, deleted, missing, disappeared or erased send or received photos, videos, recorded audio and other files from Viber app.
  • Extract Viber chat content saved in Android phone’s internal storage as well as external SD card.
  • Also restore lost or deleted WhatsApp messages and chat content from IMO, Snapchat, LINE, KIK, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Preview recoverable files within preview screen of the software before final recovery.
  • 100% read-only, Safe, secure and easy to use.

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Important Note: The software does not recover Viber messages. It only recovers deleted photos, videos, recorded audio or video and other files send or received in Viber app and those files are saved in Android phone memory or external SD card.

Just like WhatsApp, Viber is also a popular and widely used app used to send and receive messages, photos, audio, videos, files, emojis, make voice calls and videos calls to other Viber users.

As per Google Play Store, currently there are more than 1 Crore 12 lakh people using Viber messenger app. It is one of the best ways to stay in touch and connected with friends, family members, colleagues or with any other Viber users on any network.

The Viber files on Android are stored in the folder “Viber” either on phone internal memory or external SD card. The path goes like this – viber > media > Viber Images/Videos.

But sometimes due to some circumstances or scenarios, you may face loss or deletion of chat conversation, pictures, videos, files or any other data in Viber app. When it occurs, how do you recover lost or deleted Viber messages?

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Just have a look at practical scenario!

Practical Scenario: User Looking For Solution To Restore Viber Contacts Chat History

How to recover Viber Contacts Chatt History if you by mistake Hit Clear Data


I would like to ask is it possible to recover viber chatt history of contacts if you by mistake has hit the clear data button on viber app info settings on Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus Andriod phone?



Source: AndroidPit Forums

Similarly, there are many Viber users out there facing such loss or deletion of data from Viber app on Android.

There could be several causes that can lead to the loss of Viber messages. Some of the common causes are mentioned below. Just go through them once, as it will help you to take precautions in future to prevent loss of Viber chat content. Remember the old saying “Prevention is better than cure”.

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Causes For The Loss or Deletion of Viber Chat History On Android

  • You deleted the important individual or group chat conversation in Viber by accident or by mistake.
  • You restored your Android to factory settings and thereby erased all data including Viber chats.
  • You uninstalled Viber app and all your conversation gone.
  • You updated your Android operating system and that deleted Viber messages.
  • Your Android OS crashes and all your chats are no longer accessible.
  • Other causes can be locked device, water damaged, rooting, ROM flashing, virus attack and so on.

In any of the above-mentioned situation, you will face loss or deletion of Viber messages on your Android device.

So, now the question arises – How can I restore my deleted Viber messages?

Well, you don’t need worry about it at all. Below, follow the solutions to get back lost Viber data.

Solution 1: Restore Deleted Viber Messages From Google Drive Backup

If you have backed-up your Viber messages to Google Drive, then it becomes very easy to restore deleted Viber messages from the backup when any unexpected loss of chat messages happens.

Hence, it is always suggested that you must keep backup of your Viber chat history on Android to Google drive. If you have backed-up your chat history to Google drive, it’s very good.

But if you haven’t, then first learn the steps to backup Viber messages to Google Drive and then I will show you the steps to restore Viber chats from Google Drive.

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Steps To Backup Viber Messages To Google Drive On Android

Note: Make sure that your Viber account is connected to Google drive in order to back up your messages.

If you are not connected to Google Drive, then first connect it:

  • Open Viber app, go to More option screen> Settings> Accounts> Viber Backup> tap on Connect drive message from Viber.
  • Select the account to which you want to backup and save your chats.

Connect Google Account To Viber

Once your Viber account get connected to Google Drive, you can then move ahead to back up your Viber chat history to Google Drive.

  • On your Android phone, open Viber app.
  • Go to more options screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap on Account> Viber Backup> Back up.

Backup Viber Messages on Android

This will start backing up your chat history. Wait while Viber backs up your data (this can take a while).

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How To Set-up Auto Backup In Viber App on Android?

Viber also offers a feature to automatically back up chat conversation and save them regularly. But do remember that Auto backup will only work when you are connected to Wi-Fi and your messages will directly get backed-up to Google Drive.

Here learn the steps to set-up Viber auto backup:

  • On your Android phone, open Viber app.
  • Go to more options screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap on Account> Viber Backup> tap on Auto backup.
  • Now select among the options – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and allow how often you want Viber to back up your messages.

Set up Auto Backup in Viber on Android

After you successfully backed-up your Viber chat messages to Google Drive, let us now learn – how to recover deleted Viber messages on Android via backup?

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How To Restore Deleted Viber Messages From Backup On Android

Basically, there are two methods to restore deleted or lost Viber messages from backup on Android. They are as follows:

Method 1: Restore Deleted Viber Messages From Google Drive Backup

  • Connect to your Google Drive Account.
  • Activate Viber.
  • Select Restore Viber Content.

Method 2: Restore Deleted Messages From Viber Backup

  • On your Android phone, open Viber app.
  • Go to more options screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap on Account> Viber Backup> tap on Restore.
  • Tap “Restore Now”.

Restore Viber Messages on Android From Backup

This will start restoring your chat messages in your Viber app on Android. The above steps can also be used to recover Viber messages after reinstall.

Note: Restoring Viber messages will only work to the same platform and the same phone number. For example, if you are backing-up messages on Android then you can only restore messages on Android with same phone number and not on iOS or any other platform.

So, that was the Viber chat history recovery solutions, when you have backup.

But now the question is – how to recover deleted Viber chat data without backup?

Continue reading the post to find out the solution!

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Solution 2: Recover Deleted Viber Chat Data From Android Without Backup

If you do not have backup of Viber chat data and encountered data loss unexpectedly or accidentally, even then also you don’t have worry at all.

Simply try Android Data Recovery which is absolute Viber Data Recovery software. It will scan your Android device and recover deleted or lost Viber chat files such as photos, videos, audio call recordings, documents and other files sent or received without backup.

The best part about this Viber Recovery software is that it retrieves lost Viber chat content from Android phone’s internal storage as well as external SD card.

Also it supports all Android phones and tablets such as Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, LG, etc.

Note: Please note that this Android data recovery tool only recover deleted Viber pictures, videos, recorded audio, documents and other files but not messages.

Here follow the complete tutorial on how to recover deleted Viber chat data using Android Data Recovery software.

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Bonus Tip: Back up Viber Messages Via Email

I thought that this would be the great place to introduce Viber messages backup via email. Viber app offers you to create a back up file of your message and email them to yourself.

Here follow the steps on how to email Viber chat history:

  • Open Viber app on your Android.
  • Go to more options screen> select Settings.
  • Tap on Call and Messages.
  • Select Email message history.
  • It will start creating the backup file, once created you will be given option to send backup files via email.

Backup Viber Chat History Via Email

Note: The backup file via email can’t be added to restore back to Viber account. You can only view it on computer, phones or on any other device on which you have access to your email. Also you can print your Viber messages.

Wrap Up

I hope you have got the complete solutions for Viber recovery whether you have backup or don’t have backup after going through my post. If you have backup then it becomes very easy to restore deleted Viber messages, but in case if you do not have backup, then you can try third-party Android Data Recovery Tool to recover Viber chat data except messages.

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